View Full Version : Reds 2-6 when Harang starts

05-19-2010, 11:40 PM
Sound familiar? Similar to the last couple seasons when he had had a horrible record.

I'm convinced this isn't just bad luck. I think the way he pitches demoralizes the entire team, because he just consistently gets hammered in the first inning, over and over again. Going back to last year, it's a consistent theme. I don't know what the hell he does before the game, but he's obviously shown no willingness or desire to work on his flaws and improve that aspect of his game and be focused on avoiding early damage.

Even if he pitches somewhat well for the next several innings, I believe the fact he gets rocked in the first inning and putting us in a hole like 10 minutes into the game is just a complete momentum killer for the team. Who wants to go up to bat for the first time in the order already staring up at a several run deficit?

Seriously, this stuff is getting old. The guy has been paid with this year and last, around $26 million dollars. What's that averaging out to, about $2 million a win? This guy is our Jamarcus Russell. This stuff is getting OLD and quick. If he can't get it together it's time to just flat out release him. Start Owings, bring up Chapman, whoever - I don't really care at this point, as long as his lethargic butt isn't in our rotation anymore digging our team into huge deficits after an inning.

05-19-2010, 11:55 PM
I agree with you, I was fed up with him last season. He tends to pitch just good enough to lose almost every time out. If they score 3 runs he gives up 4, if they score 2 he gives up 3. He's not been good for three years now and still gets considered the "ace" and goes on opening day. When they bring Aroldis up, it's only fair that he be the one to go from the rotation. I wouldn't release him, but i'd move him to the bullpen, hopefully he'd be decent out of there, and could play a role like owings, and maybe even pitch later in games if he pitches well out of the pen. I also get sick of hearing "He didn't pitch bad, he just made a couple mistake pitches and gave up a couple 2 run bombs" Well guess what, thats pitching bad when you consistently do it, and have an ERA over 6.

05-20-2010, 12:22 AM
You have alot of valid points in your rant.


They absolutely, positively will not bullpen him or release him... Just not gonna happen. It sends a weird good, bad message to the team as a whole...

The good side it shows managements commitment to say "it doesn't matter who you are we are committed to winning with the best 25 guys no matter how much you make."

That being said Miguel Cairo is still on the roster so that's not the case...

The negative is that in all tense and purposes Harang is a dynamite teammate and clubhouse guy. He wasted his best years on the mound for terrible defensive teams. He blew his arm up for the team in San Diego... Cutting him would hurt the locker room beyond belief. More so than a 3 - 0 deficit.

Basically it comes down to him. He will have to be the one to goto management and say I am hurting this team as a starter. Give (Volquez, Maloney, Wood, Chapman) my spot and make me the long man.

But that's not going to happen. He is in a contract year. His agent needs him to remain a starter to try and get himself turned around to try and command at least a 3 yr $15 - 20 mil deal. Long relievers don't make that.

So the team is stuck and we as fans are stuck. But that being said I can take one guy on a staff who has no clear #1 or #2 starter for 6 - 7 innings for 3-5 runs a start. Better than most rotations in baseball have. Including the Dodgers, Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox among others...

05-20-2010, 12:45 AM
Even if he is left in the rotation, and gives up 4 and 5 runs a game. This season I feel confident in our offense that they can keep up like they have been doing late in the game. He will have his good games and he will struggle often but I think unlike years past, this offense can battle with him.