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Yes, I'm writing a research paper on baseball in my English class (English 103).

We have to choose a place and compare it rhetorically between genres, textual strategies, perceptions, etc (you get to pick).

I decided to choose a baseball field and compare the perceptions of a baseball field between Dominicans, Cubans and Americans.

I'm finding lots of sources, but since this is a baseball board I figure some of you may have ran into some articles that could help me with my paper.

I just watched the movie Sugar which is really helping the Dominican part of my paper (all i've written so far and it's pretty strong), but I'm still looking for more articles/references to stories of Cuban and American baseball players.

I have a few on Cubans, it's not too hard finding articles about Cuban defects like Mr. Chapman, but i'm looking for something other than just an internet article.

Does anyone know of any american baseball players who had stories or articles published about their lives? So far all I can think of is there is a little segment in Moneyball on Chad Bradford.

Thanks for any help or recommendations.

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Throwing Bullets is a book about Liriano's climb through the minors contrasted with another American pitcher. There might be something in there.

Another book that might be of help in finding weird anecdotal stuff is "Why Is The Foul Pole Fair?" by Vince Staten, a Louisville native. If I remember correctly there is some stuff about the shape and upkeep of a baseball field that may prove useful.

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05-25-2010, 08:39 AM
If you want Money and Contract Wise, "Built To Win" written by John Schuerholz, who is the current team president and former GM of the Atlanta Braves, will help. he does a good job going through the steps it took to sign Hudson, Glavin, Millwood and others.

05-25-2010, 11:31 AM
Matt McCarthy's Odd Man Out gives a nice depiction of the differences between Americans and Dominican ballplayers. It is an excellent read if you have time for it. McCarthy was an ex-player in the Angels' organization.

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Thanks for the help guys I'll check these out.

I found a few in the library today about American baseball players.

I appreciate it.

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Go to the minor league site and post a thread there, too.