View Full Version : Bump this thread everytime Dusty does something stupid

05-30-2010, 04:28 PM
To completely cost us a game. I'll start it today, at the end of May, right before our really big series with STL, and we'll see how many it adds up to by the end of the year.

And for the record book, Dusty cost us the game because we had runners on 1st and 2nd, no one out, and bunting with Johnny Gomes as the lead runner, while we have someone on the bench who is exponentially faster in Drew Stubbs. Ramon Hernandez bunted, Gomes was out at third on a bang bang play that Stubbs would have beat out pretty easily.

So, instead of bases loaded no one out, it was one out and runners on first and second. This was a game we completely threw away due to Dusty's stupidity.

Chalk this up as #1 on the count

05-30-2010, 04:29 PM
I think throwing the B team out there was pretty stupid.