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06-03-2010, 12:51 PM
I know that Griffey Sr. is the hitting coach down there and I know that recently there was a article where he was encouraging the hitters to be more aggressive at the plate. Just looking over the seasonal stats. Not one player is on pace to walk more than 50 times this season.

CF Means - 184 AB's 5 BB's
3B Pfister - 161 AB's 4 BB's
2B Rodriguez - 208 AB's 5 BB's
RF Oliveras - 120 AB's 8 BB's
1B Richburg - 151 AB's 8 BB's
IF Carlson - 98 AB's 5 BB's

That's 922 AB's and 35 BB's for a 3.7% walk-rate among 5 starters and the top sub. Their combined OBP is .301...

The other 3 starters are faring better as far as BB rate goes...

SS Gregorious - 206 AB's 16 BB's
LF Garton - 97 AB's 7 BB's
C Fleury 129 AB's 18 BB's

That's 41 BB's from those 3 in 432 AB's for a walk rate of 8.7% and a combined OPS of .354...

Is it the talent or the coaching?

I'm inclined it to be a little of both. So does that mean that this is the weakest class of players we've seen in Dayton in quite some time?

06-03-2010, 01:40 PM
Good stats; and it is an unpromising trend. It would be different if these guys were hitting .325 or slugging .550, but that's hardly the case.

Can't say what role the coaching plays in it. But I'd hate to think that the collective talent of this group is worse than what Dayton had last year--especially early last year. Of course, a lot of these guys came from Billings, which was even worse than Dayton.

06-03-2010, 02:46 PM
I think one other problem we are seeing is the result of last years draft. The Dragons have one hitter drafted in the first 11 rounds of last years draft, Mark Fleury. That certainly is part of it.

As of today, DiDi Gregorius has 16 walks through 225 PA, which is 4 more than he had in 225 PA last season in Billings. Josh Garton has the same walk rate he had in Billings, but his strikeout rate is incredibly better so far. Means and Rodriguez never walked much. Seems to me that its more of a personnel problem than a coaching problem. You can only do so much as a coach, the players have to go to the plate and swing or not swing.