View Full Version : Phillies recent slide driving toddlers to drink

06-08-2010, 07:02 PM

The bottle was probably empty. A whole lot of something 'bout nuthin'.

06-11-2010, 12:11 AM
LOL! Agreed! People get bent out of shape over the most minor things anymore. I'm willing to bet the parents didn't hand the kid a full bottle and say "have at it Junior!" with kids, the more mystery you make of things, the more they want to try them. My mom didn't make a big huge stink when she caught me trying her cigarette when I was about 4. worst thing I ever tasted in my life and probably why I was never interested in smoking ever again! The rare times she or dad would have some kind of drink, we'd be allowed to try a taste of it, and when we got to a reasonable age (16-17) they'd let us have one *with* them if we wanted. None of us ever became big drinkers. We were pretty much allowed to watch whatever on TV, nothing was ever a huge secret so most things we weren't so eager to dive into that we got into trouble with it.

Of course, that was a lot of years ago and some things have changed. If I had kids they wouldn't be running around town at midnight-1am like we did as teenagers <Small Town USA! lol> and there would be more anti-drug talks than we had, but overall I think people are too PC and too sheltering of kids in many ways. They won't have the drug talk, but they'll let their 12 year old play Grand Theft Auto kind of games....