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07-11-2010, 02:42 AM
Since the reds ain't gonna give heisey a chance to play, why not get someone who can hit better than gomes and cabera next yr?

David DeJesus

Juan Uribe

Rick Ankiel

Jose Guillen

Edgar Renteria

We obviously need some help... Uribe tears the reds up everytime he comes to town, and we all know he can hit... Rick Ankiel is a pretty decent hitter so is Jose Guillen...
Edgar Renteria is known for his defense... soooooo

Not saying they are... Im just saying... these players are free agents next yr maybe we could atleast get one like Uribe to help the SS

What do you all think?

07-11-2010, 02:57 AM
Renteria is O-Cab all over again: aging SS with limited range and poor OPS. More walks but more Ks.

Uribe is a useful utility guy, but is not the answer at SS.

Rick Ankiel is of no interest to me.

Jose Guillen is Jonny Gomes with a better arm. Not really an upgrade considering his age imo.

David DeJesus is a guy I would target. If not in a trade then in in FA. Great all-around OF that can play each position out there and hit.

07-11-2010, 09:09 AM
I stick Heisey in LF and give him the same "stick with him" chance that Stubbs is getting this year and Bruce got last year when he was hitting around the mendoza line.

I would investigate trading for the D-Backs Stephen Drew at SS. I would trade or release (they have an option on him) OCab in the off season for a small $$$ savings.

I would bring up Francisco and make him the backup 3B. He is a lefty with more slugging potential than anyone on our bench. Give Rolen more days off to keep him fresh this late in the season.

I would trade Cordero in the offseason for a bucket of balls, even if we had to pay half his salary to get someone to take him.

I re-sign Arroyo for $10M per year. I think he would take it. Sign him for 3 years $30M.

Let Harang walk.

The starting rotation would be:
Volquez - if he proves to be his old self the rest of this season

Cheap and solid rotation.

The previous moves have reduced the base team salary:
This year: $76M
Minus Harang: $12.5M in '10; $2M buyout in '11; savings of $10.5M
Subtotal: $64.5M team payroll
Savings on Arroyo: $12.25M in '10; Re-sign for $10M per season
Subtotal: $74.5M team payroll
Savings on OCab if released: $2M in '10; $1M buyout for '11
Subtotal: $73.5M team payroll
Savings trading Cordero and paying half his salary: $12.125M in '11 + $1M buyout in '12; Give team traded to $6.5M to take him. Savings $6.5M approx.
Subtotal: $67M team payroll
Lincoln is a free agent: $2.5M savings
Subtotal: $65M team payroll
Rolen, Masset and Phillips salary increases: Rolen makes $.5M more next season; Masset makes $.5M more next season;Phillips makes approximately $4.3M more next season; increase of $5.3M on team payroll
Subtotal: $70.3M team payroll
Trade Yonder Alonso in the offseason who is scheduled to make $1M next season
Subtotal: $69.3M team payroll

Decisions to make after that:
1. Re-sign Rhodes? No brainer. But for how much? He's made $2M each of the last 2 seasons. Not sure he'd sign for that little.
2. Pick up Ramon Hernandez team option for $3M next season? I think you have to, considering the injuries this year and the fact that Ramon is still hitting and catching good enough. And hope our minor league catching presents an answer to the situation after next season or go out and find another one.
3. The following players are eligible for arbitration this off season: Votto, Burton, Bray, Owings, Volquez, Cueto, Bruce, and Laynce Nix.
I let Nix walk and use Danny Dorn as my LHed 5th OFer/backup 1B. He's batting .320 in triple A this year. Has nothing left to prove. Has some power too.
Bray gets re-signed.
Volquez and Cueto get re-signed.
Bruce and Votto get re-signed.
Not sure about Owings and Burton.
4. If you trade for Stephen Drew, he is up for arbitration in the offseason too.
And how much will arbitration and/or re-signing some of these guys raise payroll??? It definitely will impact off season moves and salary increases, that is for sure.