View Full Version : The Reds have a 52% chance of making the playoffs

Will M
07-15-2010, 08:19 PM
The Wall Street Journal today ran some predictions from someplace called "Accuscore". They rated the Cards as having a 54% chance to win the division & a 59% chance to make the playoffs. They rated the Reds as having a 42% chance to win the division & a 52% chance to make the playoffs.

This got me thinking a bit. Teams that are in the hunt often make a deal or two. Some are big deals like the Brewers getting CC a couple of years ago or the Rangers getting Lee this year. Some are plugging a hole in the lineup or rotation. Some are just small deals like the Reds moving Weathers & Alex Gonzalez last year for minimal return. However, the Cards & the Reds competition for the wild card are likely to make some deal(s) to improve their clubs. If the Reds want to play in the post season they will likely have to add talent simply to keep up with the competition. We all fantasized over Cliff Lee helping us win the World Series. Now that the Cliff Lee ship has sailed I look at the team in a calm manner & see a lot of holes (LH outfield bat, SS, closer,etc). Walt needs to plus a couple of these in order for us to have a better than coin flip chance to make the postseason.

07-15-2010, 11:12 PM
I read that as "there is a 48% chance the playoffs will be cancelled"