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07-31-2010, 11:32 PM
I know this isn't Reds related, but whatever...

So I'm watching MLB Tonight Live (great show) and they're doing a live 'Look-in' of the Phillies and Nats game. And as I'm listening to the game, I notice how abysmal both Dibble and Carpenter are. It's truly a pathetic display of broadcasting. Now, I realize it's the Nats feed and they're suppose to show some bias for the Nats but these two clowns take it to an entire new level.

The homerism is staggering. Not only that, but there's no intelligent discussion whatsoever. Always hating/blaming the umpires, insulting opposing teams/players, etc... Dibble is like that angry middle-aged drunk at the bar who knows life passed him by so he just holds a grudge against everybody and Carpenter plays along, adding his own little quirks (aka horrible analysis) meanwhile doing the play-by-play.

It's kind of a shame too. Dibble has always been a joke in the broadcast booth, both for television and the radio. His display is not surprising. But Bob Carpenter used to be a pretty good p-b-p announcer. I remember he used to call college basketball games and MLB games for ESPN. He's no Jon Miller, but he was a respectable announcer. But ever since he joined Dibble, he truly went off the deep end.

And as I type this, Zimmerman just hit a walk-off and Dibble goes nuts yelling something (it definitely wasn't English...sounding like something a tribe from New Guinea yells during the ceremony of when a 13 year old boy becomes a "man") into the microphone.

Just goes to show you, whether it be George Grande or Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh, it could be worse. You could be forced to listen to these two a**clowns.

08-01-2010, 01:41 AM
In the last game of the Reds vs. Nats series, Dibble couldn't stop talking about how great Dunn is.

Like, serously. Get a room with the guy or something........

08-01-2010, 10:54 AM
Dibble is awful. I listened to them when the Reds first played the Nats. He is a huge whiner. The funny thing is, Ray Knight (who swaps with Dibbles as the color guy) is just as bad.