View Full Version : Still Buzzing Over Last Night

08-19-2010, 10:49 AM
And it's not because of the 15 ICE COOOOOOOOOOOOOLD HUDEPOHLS I drank while watching the game on mlb.tv. Oh, if only they sold Hudy down here in Gainesville....anyways, I digress....

Regardless of the fact that Arizona is a poor team and it might have the worst bully in baseball, that was an amazing effort by our guys. Amazing. Texasdavey keeps saying "It is meant to be," and I am starting to agree. This team just won't be denied.

Funny thing about this....I have followed the Reds religiously every year of my life but, only the past few years have I been able to afford to pay to watch them, either via mlb.com or buying the season pass (graduated college in '03 - independent income helps one pay for such things). I watch all games, even when the Reds predictably fall out of contention right after the ASB. It's been quite a while since games mattered this much at this point in the season. Each affair keeps me on pins and needles. It's nice to be so excited about the Reds this time of year, when I normally shift my focus to the Gators and Bengals.

Could it be that the Bengals and Reds both win their respective divisions in the same season? I don't know what I'd do with myself.