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08-26-2010, 09:04 PM
Hello everyone,

Since I'm new on this board and also new in Reds world, I was wondering was is the Market size of the Reds? I wonder because as a expos fan back in the day it's was tough to see all the good player go years after years! I already know that Cincinnati is not a big market size but are the Reds willing to spend some money to keep to the good player?

Maybe it's a very basic question but I really want to learn about the Reds!


08-26-2010, 09:19 PM
The Reds are a little worse than average for salary, and have not been winning in the past. With a bump in revenue this team will probably end up right around league average in salary.

So, it's not the Expos, but not the Yankees either. Middle of the pack. They certainly can't sign a bunch of stars in free agency, but can keep some of the in house stars and do rely on young talent. I think best case scenario is being like the Twins. Yet the Reds don't appear to be like the Expos of the past, or the present day Pirates.

08-26-2010, 10:18 PM
according to Wiki cincinnati is the 24th largest metropolitan statistical area. st.louis is 18 and minnesota is 16. But the reds like St.louis have a long and storied jistory in baseball. their baseball cities. and cincinnati's fanvase extends far beyond just the MSA. Its a reds country there are fans in west virginia, north Ohio, kentucky, tennesse, indiana.

i think we could do better than the twins, payroll wise. i think we could be the next St.louis.

but then i look at the san fran/oakland MSA and they are tied at 13 so maybe the size of MSA doesnt tell the whole story since San Fran is a bigger spender than Oak. but maybe the San Fran baseball history is what that market wants to spend its money on.

similar cases can be made for SD, TB, MIA, DC, PHX, BAL, COL which have a larger MSA than cincinnati. but i dont think anyone considers those baseball towns b/c there are other teams around or more things to do so they have much smaller payrolls than cincinnati.

i see cincinnati having the same spending power as St. Louis. though i dont think were gonna be a big time spending power we could be very similar to st louis who can go out trade for a matt holiday and resign him in the offseason.

in terms of spending i think it wil go, in particular order

so market doesnt necessarily tell the whole story. the dodgers are a big market club that have the reputation of not spending like it. the mets dont have the fanbase or history of the yanks so they cant spend as much as them b/c of lower fanbase. ATL is a top ten MSA but arent big spender b/c of a mediocre fanbase. Boston is tenth in MSA but is regularly the 2nd biggest spender. there are a few more examples i dont want to get into.

bottomline is a if you have a large market size + passion for the team+ winning = more spending power. i can definitly see cincinnati being 12th in payroll. right behind:

st. louis

and possibly higher. if this team can make the playoffs come back next year w/ another run to the payoffs and a really good team the following year i can see a stadium that avgs 35K+/ night. its gonna be tough b/c the fanbase was lost for 10 years. but i think if they keep a winning product on the field w/ the young talent they will get the attendance and will/could have a top 10 payroll.

I hope that answers the question.

the expos problem is pple just didnt care. the fans care in cincinnati and will come to winner every night so that is no problem.

08-27-2010, 12:12 AM
i think we could do better than the twins, payroll wise. i think we could be the next St.louis.

FTR....The Twins have a higher payroll than the Cards this year.

08-27-2010, 01:45 AM
Thanks for the answer webbj! So I guess with that info I guess Cincinnati is more a baseball town than a football town?

And for the expos since I'm only 23 I don't know all the history but I know that people care about the team until every player was trade for nothing. A interessing fact is the attendance of the expos in the 80s where one of the best of the MLB. But you are right for the last 5-10 years (after 94 strike) people stop to care. The sad thing for me is the fact I was to young for the good years of the expos but god Vladimir was fun to watch!

08-27-2010, 09:30 AM
I'm guessing with the older crowd in Cincy, they are more into baseball, whereas the Bengals are more popular amongst the younger crowd.

Still, it's one of the few midwestern/cold weather cities in which baseball is arguably the most popular sport in town. That, and St. Louis, where I doubt the Rams touch the Cardinals in terms of popularity.

08-27-2010, 09:55 AM
There are 30 teams in 27 markets, Cincy is the 24th largest market. My math background (I passed math all the way up until 9th grade) tells me the Reds are a SMALL MARKET TEAM. I love the 'Nati as much as the next guy, but it is NOT a big city. It is a baseball town that has to be smarter than the rest to compete. That is not an impossible task, but it is a daunting challenge.

Regardless of wins and losses, the Reds will never have the income stream that St. Louis has. We need to be happy we aren't the Pirates or Royals.

Now that I have that off my chest, I love me some Walt Jocketty and Dusty Baker. Thanks for giving us a winning team. Go Reds!