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08-26-2010, 10:57 PM
Here's another review, but sadly, this one isn't as optimistic as the one I did for Dayton. There are some solid pieces in the starting lineup, but the pitching isn't particularly impressive, and there are some major questions about whether they can get on base enough. Lynchburg is really going to have to hope that some of next year's Dayton prospects will advance quickly.

Projected starting lineup:
CF Ryan LaMarre
SS Didi Gregorius
3B Henry Rodriguez
1B Chris Richburg
RF Josh Garton
LF Cam Satterwhite
DH Dominic D'Anna
2B Brodie Greene
C Mark Fleury

C Chris McMurray
1B Dominic D'Anna
IF Shane Carlson
OF Andrew Means

Starting rotation:
Josh Ravin
Lance Janke
Pedro Villarreal
Clay Shunick
Justin Walker

Josh Smith
Jason Braun
Tim Crabbe
Mace Thurman
Doug Salinas
Blair Carson
Tzu-Kai Chiu
Ezequiel Infante
Ricky Bowen

Catcher: As I said in the Dayton write-up, Yasmani Grandal could start in Lynchburg in Carolina. If it's Lynchburg, I think Mark Fleury will repeat Dayton, but I'll be an optimist and say that Fleury is the starter here. The backup catcher will likely come down to how the organization decides to place (or cut) Chris McMurray, Jordan Wideman, and Chase Weems, all of whom would struggle mightily to OPS .600 or better.

First base: Chris Richburg might not repeat, but his lack of plate discipline says it could do him well. If not, Frank Pfister or Tommy Nurre might get the promotion from Dayton although both are hardly prospects. If Richburg ends up in Carolina, we could see Dominic D'Anna and his patient approach to the plate be fast-tracked out of necessity. Another idea is that Josh Garton will learn first base so Means can get a lot of playing time in right field.

Second base: You would think Henry Rodriguez ends up as the starter, but I think the Reds are going to let Brodie Greene get a lot of work at second base and teach Rodriguez some versatility across the infield. The same could be said for Greene, who could get a lot of work anywhere in the diamond. Kevyn Feiner might get some work as a utility player, but I think it's about the time the Reds let him get started on a coaching career instead.

Third base: As I already said, I think Henry Rodriguez and Brodie Greene are going to split time at second and third base, but if Didi Gregorius repeats at Dayton, I would expect Greene to get the bulk of the playing time at shortstop with Frank Pfister and Shane Carlson splitting duties at third. Jose Gualdron is also in the equation, but I think Shane Carlson makes him redundant.

Shortstop: I fully expect Didi Gregorius to be the starter, but he's so young that we may see him held back in Dayton. If that ends up being the case, Brodie Greene should get everyday work.

Left field: I have Cam Satterwhite here only because the lack of outfield depth is so bad. Alex Oliveras and Sean Conner might pick up some at-bats in the corner outfield spots if they're still around.

Center field: Ryan LaMarre is probably a lock here. If Josh Fellhauer struggles and LaMarre starts off hot, they might switch levels. Andrew Means will probably be the backup outfielder for all three spots, but if Satterwhite or Garton tank, I suspect Means will be able to put up somewhat respectable numbers in their place.

Right field: The starter by default will probably be Josh Garton even though he could use some more time in a lower level. He's one of the more patient hitters on the squad, which is very faint praise, but Lynchburg could use all the help they can get in that regard.

Starting rotation: Unless Janke, Ravin, or Villarreal makes a surprise move to the bullpen, they're pretty much locks for the rotation. Based on his experience, Clay Shunick belongs in Dayton, but Tommy John surgery set him back a year, so he needs to play catch-up and fast. He is likely to be the oldest pitcher on the roster, and it would be even more exaggerated in Dayton. I figure the last rotation spot will come down to Justin Walker or Tim Crabbe, but both of them have struggled in their A+ stints thus far.

Bullpen: There are a lot of great arms slated for Carolina and Dayton, but Lynchburg looks like they might get the short end of the stick. Maybe one or two of the younger arms headed for Carolina (i.e. Nick Christiani or Chase Ware) could stay in Lynchburg to anchor the bullpen. Then again, maybe an older guy who has struggled (i.e. Scott Gaffney) or gone through injury (i.e. Aguido Gonzalez) will be held back. Otherwise, I expect to see the entire pitching staff struggle a little bit.

08-26-2010, 11:49 PM
What has Means done to suggest that he deserves a promotion?

08-27-2010, 12:12 AM
Not as optimistic, but perhaps more accurate. These will make nice reference threads over the offseason. Thanks.

08-27-2010, 07:28 AM
What has Means done to suggest that he deserves a promotion?
Means is already in Lynchburg. Was it deserved? Maybe not. But at least it's a level more appropriate for his age.

08-27-2010, 06:54 PM
Means is already in Lynchburg. Was it deserved? Maybe not. But at least it's a level more appropriate for his age.

Either way Means is done for the year

He had surgery for a torn wrist ligament a few days ago