View Full Version : BOR: Signed Votto poster giveaway

Red Forman
08-27-2010, 06:42 PM
Per Better Off Red.....


As most of you know, Joey Votto appears on the cover of the latest edition of Sports Illustrated. What you may not know is that SI has graciously given Better Off Red 5 posters of the cover to give away to you loyal readers. As an added bonus, Joey has signed each of the 5 posters.

Cue the contest....

We at BOR want to see YOU recreate Joey's cover pose. Between now and 11:59pm ET September 2, 2010 (Thursday) you can enter to win 1 of the posters by submitting a photographic recreation of you in Votto's SI cover pose. Please mail the photo, in jpg format, to me at jramsey@reds.com.

Upon receiving your photo, you will officially be entered to win. 5 winners will be drawn at random on Friday, September 3, 2010.

Is that clear?

All photos received will be featured on Better Off Red. (Keep that in mind).

Have at it!