View Full Version : if your a baseball fan..

08-27-2010, 11:31 PM
you should be loving these cincinnati reds, IF I was a opposing opponents I would give these REDS a pat on the back, it's remarkable what kind of season they have had and it's been a joyous one at that. 20 games over 500, 4 games up on the cardinals, and if you would have told me after that padres series in april that we would be up 4 games in late august I would have done the splits.

I just am in awe at how this team performs night in and night out, yes we have our negative side at times but, this team has heart and a will to win and that is why I believe we will be popping champagne in the lockerroom come late sept. these boys deserve our cheers and deserve alot of credit for what they have done.

who's with me? I wanna hear your thoughts on this season so far.:thumbup: