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08-28-2010, 03:29 AM
Trades will more than likely remove/add a name or two and yes, I do think the Reds may give Alonso a crack at the LF job. Who would you subtract? Who would you add?


Joey Votto
Todd Frazier
Brandon Phillips
Chris Valaika
Zach Cozart
Paul Janish
Scott Rolen
Juan Francisco


Yonder Alonso
Wladimir Balentein
Drew Stubbs
Chris Heisey
Jay Bruce
Danny Dorn
Felix Perez


Ramon Hernandez
Ryan Hannigan
Devin Mesoraco
Wilton Castillo


Bronson Arroyo
Jonny Cueto
Travis Wood
Homer Bailey
Edinson Volquez
Mike Leake
Aroldis Chapman
Matt Maloney
Matt Klinker
Sam Lecure


Phil Valiquette
Carlos Fisher
Enerio Del Rosario
Bill Bray
Jared Burton
Logan Ondrusek
Jordan Smith
Jose Arrendando
Nick Masset
Arthur Rhodes
Franciso Cordero

May not need to be on the 40:

Felix Perez
Devin Mesaraco


Micah Owings
Corky Miller
Danny Ray Hererra

Most Likely Cuts:

Danny Dorn
Matt Maloney
Jared Burton
Bill Bray

08-28-2010, 04:53 AM
I've been looking at this a bit. Some things off the top of my head.

You need to add Yasmani Grandal. He can take Castillo's spot who I don't think will be on.

I'm guessing that they bring Gomes back to fill a spot.

Not sure if Sappelt needs to be on. Maybe Jordan Hotchkiss too. Perez may not need to be on, I don't really know about those three.

Bray and Burton are iffy. They could be non-tendered.

The Reds may decide to bring back Rhodes and maybe Cabrera. If so, they would pretty much fill the spots that you have Dorn and Wlad.

08-28-2010, 06:33 AM
Sappelt, Perez and Klinker don't need to be added yet if I have it right,

But Hotchkiss, Scott Carroll, Kris Negron and Miguel Rojas may be guys that the team will want to protect from Rule 5. Wlad and Dorn fall into that category but I just don't see Dorn being added. Wlad I'm not so sure.

Burton has made 800K+ to be a minor leaguer in 2010. I'm guessing he'll be non-tendered to free a spot.

Ramon's option is another question. I'd guess that they will exercise it.

My guess

Spot POS Name $
1 P Johnny Cueto 4.00
2 P Bronson Arroyo 13.00
3 P Matt Maloney 0.40
4 P Homer Bailey 0.40
5 P Mike Leake 0.40
6 P Nick Masset 1.55
7 P Fran Cordero 12.00
8 P Logan Ondrusek 0.40
9 P Edinson Volquez 2.50
10 P D R Herrera 0.40
11 P Bill Bray 0.50
12 P Travis Wood 0.40
13 P Carlos Fisher 0.40
14 P Aroldis Chapman 1.00
15 P Phil Valiquette 0.40
16 P Jose Arredondo 1.00
17 P Jeremy Horst 0.40
18 P Sam Lecure 0.40
19 P Jordan Smith 0.40
20 P E. Del Rosario 0.40
21 P Scott Carroll 0.40
22 P Jord Hotchkiss 0.40
23 C Yasmani Grandal 0.40
24 C Ryan Hanigan 0.55
25 C Devin Mesoraco 0.40
26 C Ramon Hernandez 3.25
27 IF Joey Votto 7.50
28 IF Bran Phillips 11.00
29 IF Scott Rolen 7.80
30 IF Paul Janish 0.50
31 IF Zach Cozart 0.40
32 IF Chris Valaika 0.40
33 IF Yonder Alonso 0.60
34 IF Kris Negron 0.40
35 OF Jay Bruce 2.50
36 OF Todd Frazier 0.40
37 OF Chris Heisey 0.45
38 OF Juan Francisco 0.40
39 OF Drew Stubbs 0.50
40 OF Jonny Gomes 1.75

Dead Money Cabrera 1.00
Dead Money Harang 2.00

08-28-2010, 02:02 PM
This is all speculation on my part. I've been keeping track of this sort of thing on the minor league forum for the past few months.

Staying on the 40-man roster (31):
Jose Arredondo
Bronson Arroyo
Homer Bailey
Bill Bray
Aroldis Chapman
Francisco Cordero
Johnny Cueto
Enerio Del Rosario
Carlos Fisher
Daniel Ray Herrera
Mike Leake
Sam LeCure
Matt Maloney
Nick Masset
Logan Ondrusek
Jordan Smith
Phil Valiquette
Edinson Volquez
Travis Wood

Yasmani Grandal
Ryan Hanigan
Yonder Alonso
Juan Francisco
Paul Janish
Brandon Phillips
Scott Rolen
Chris Valaika
Joey Votto
Jay Bruce
Chris Heisey
Drew Stubbs

Jared Burton - may be non-tendered
Aaron Harang - will leave as free agent
Mike Lincoln - will leave as free agent
Arthur Rhodes - will leave as free agent
Russ Springer - will leave as free agent
Ramon Hernandez - will leave as free agent
Orlando Cabrera - will have option declined
Miguel Cairo - will leave as free agent
Jim Edmonds - will retire
Jonny Gomes - will have option declined
Laynce Nix - may be non-tendered

Will be added to the 40-man roster (4):
Jeremy Horst
Devin Mesoraco
Zack Cozart
Todd Frazier

Up to five of these players may be extended or added to the 40-man roster:
Dallas Buck
Scott Carroll
Jerry Gil
Jordan Hotchkiss
Jeff Jeffords
Ben Jukich
Joe Krebs
Arthur Rhodes
Lee Taor
Daryl Thompson
Wilkin Castillo
Ramon Hernandez
Orlando Cabrera
Miguel Cairo
Jake Kahaulelio
Kris Negron
Miguel Rojas
Wladimir Balentien
Danny Dorn
Jonny Gomes
Laynce Nix

08-28-2010, 03:08 PM
What areas will be a need?

Backup SS
LFer if Heisey isn't the answer

08-28-2010, 05:03 PM
Thanks, Cam, for the chart and work you've done. To make a little start, my guess is we will see back either Nix or Edmonds and we will not see back one of Gomes or Wlad. So I'd guess we need to add a net 2 to the 31 to start with.

08-29-2010, 04:17 PM
I'd pickup Ramon's option for 2011. I'd go to camp with he and Hanigan again. When Meroraco shows he's ready, I'd say that someone will be in the market for a veteran catcher - especially coming off a year like Ramon has had. He should bring a decent return either in ST or at the trade deadline.

I think that Jocketty brings back both OCab and Cairo, but personally, I'd be happy to go with Phillips, Valaika, Janish and Cozart as the middle infielders, especially with the possability that either Francisco or Frazier (or both) will be around to cover the 1B/3B reserve role.

I'd bring back Rhodes also, unless they are thinking of Chapman as a reliever to start the season. Like Hernandez, I think Arthur could bring a return at the deadline if someone like Joseph or Valiquette showed they were ready for the 7th/8th inning LH role.

08-30-2010, 01:02 AM
I don't know how, but somehow I omitted Matt Klinker, who will surely be added to the 40-man roster. That means up to four of the following players will be extended, have an option picked up, offered arbitration, or added to the roster:

*Dallas Buck - has a horrible injury history
@Jared Burton - was starting to return to form before getting injured; will most likely be non-tendered
*Scott Carroll - has done well against younger competition despite inability to miss bats
#Jerry Gil - converted shortstop issues more walks than strikeouts but has nasty stuff
*Jordan Hotchkiss - has really flown under the radar but consistently gets good results
*Jeff Jeffords - power arm will soon be 26 and has pitched only one game above high-A
*Ben Jukich - nice curveball and nothing else; was taken in last year's rule five draft but returned
*Joe Krebs - lefty with great numbers but lacks velocity on fastball
#Arthur Rhodes - how much longer can he last?
*Lee Tabor - lefty reliever with decent numbers but no skills that stand out
#Daryl Thompson - has pitched well but not often; shoulder problems flared up and had trouble dealing with heat
#Wilkin Castillo - can play any position, but his bat doesn't justify using him anywhere except catcher, where he's less than great
#Ramon Hernandez - how much of a raise will he get?
@Corky Miller - will be non-tendered, but will he be retained?
%Orlando Cabrera - his numbers don't justify picking up the option, but do his intangibles?
#Miguel Cairo - having a career year, but is it worth rewarding?
*Jake Kahaulelio - may have a future as a utilityman
*Kris Negron - good on-base skills and speed from a shortstop, but most scouts aren't all that impressed
*Miguel Rojas - superb defense, but doesn't have near the bat to match
#Wladimir Balentien - has really come on lately; probably deserves a spot on a Major League roster
*Danny Dorn - excellent AAA numbers, but his defense limits him
%Jonny Gomes - possibly the Reds' worst position player
@Laynce Nix - having a career year, but he may not be worth the raise in arbitration

* - eligible for the rule five draft
# - free agent
@ - eligible for arbitration
% - club option