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09-08-2010, 12:25 PM
Tango is conducting the 2010 Scouting Report: http://tangotiger.net/scout/

Fans are asked to rate all players on the same scale, regardless of position. Each player is assigned a 1-5 rating in the following categories:

Acceleration/First Few Steps
Velocity/Sprint Speed
Throwing Strength
Throwing Accuracy

Voting is still open, so I strongly encourage you to put in your 2 cents. Here are how the Reds have fared so far, looking at average scores to date. Note, the tables on Tango's blog are a bit inconsistent right now, with the position ratings differing from the ones elsewhere -- so take the positional rankings with a grain of salt:

Player AVG SD PRank Behind Ahead of
Phillips, Brandon 4.37 0.7 1st N/A Pedroia
Rolen, Scott 4.35 0.9 2nd Longoria Inge
Bruce, Jay 4.20 0.8 3rd Schierholz Drew
Janish, Paul 4.16 0.9 7th Escobar Pennington
Stubbs, Drew 3.96 0.8 9th Gomez Gywnn
Heisey, Chris 3.81 0.5 25th Davis Kemp
Nix, Laynce 3.74 0.6 8th Pierre Kalish
Hanigan, Ryan 3.55 1.0 11th Ruiz Laird
Votto, Joey 3.44 0.9 17th Helton Davis
Cabrera, Orlando 3.29 0.9 40th Wilson Renteria
Miller, Corky 3.16 1.4 17th Marson Avila
Cairo, Miguel 3.03 0.6 36th Lopez Wood
Hernandez, Ramon 3.01 1.2 33rd Montero Iannetta
Gomes, Jonny 2.23 0.8 57th Young Carter

09-08-2010, 01:23 PM
I put my .02 in! Every stat for every player on the Reds.


09-08-2010, 01:47 PM
I put in my evaluation of the Reds. Fun to think about.