View Full Version : Cards/Braves 9-12-10; Win the Series ATL!

09-12-2010, 08:26 PM
Cards take early lead with solo shot by Albert

1-0 Cards mid of 1

Looks like the Braves will have to come from behind again if they are to win.

09-12-2010, 08:32 PM
Lohse gives up a 1 out double to Heyward then retires the next two batters.

1-0 bad guys after 1.

09-12-2010, 08:38 PM
Hudson having trouble throwing strikes. 33 pitches 18 strikes 15 balls. Feliz on 2nd with 1 out in top of 2nd.

09-12-2010, 08:39 PM
Ryan ground out to SS..Feliz to 3rd two outs and Schumaker up.

09-12-2010, 08:42 PM
Schumaker grounds out to SS, 1-0 Cards mid 2. Hudson Pitch count over 40.

09-12-2010, 08:51 PM
1-0 Cards after 2. Braves leave another runner stranded. Lohse looks very good, he is getting ahead of the batters. Was hoping the Braves would jump all over him and get into the Cards bullpen. With no off days for the Cards the more work the bullpen the more fatigued I think they will get.

09-12-2010, 09:23 PM
both teams score in the 3rd. With 2 outs left in the top of the 4th Hudson has thrown 75 pitches.

09-12-2010, 09:24 PM
Hudson gets out of the 4th, however pitch count is way up. Cards 2 Braves 1 mid 4.

09-12-2010, 09:29 PM
Rasmus pulls an Edmonds and robs McClouth of a HR to lead the bottom of the 4th. AGon follows with a double. 1 out AGon on 2nd

09-12-2010, 09:31 PM
Next two guys out, Lohse dodges trouble again. Cards 2 Braves 1 after 4 innings.

09-12-2010, 09:35 PM
Albert leads of top of 5th with solo shot. Cards 3 Braves 1 no outs top of 5th. Thank goodness both of his HR's have been solo shots. Holiday bloops a single to right. 1 on no outs.

09-12-2010, 09:47 PM
Wow Cards have put a 4 spot on Hudson in the top of 5th to lead 6-1. Don't see the Cards blowing this one. Looks like a 6 game lead with 19 to play.