View Full Version : Selfish players

09-16-2010, 11:11 AM
While I fully understand pro sports players desire to go out there and battle day in and day out, I am becoming more and more P.O'ed at players who can see that in fact when they go out and play at less then 100% they are in fact doing more harm to the team as a whole. Last night there is no way Homer should have played. He should have gone to Dusty and told him straight up, I am not feeling right, I can't play at 100%, you need to push my start back and go with someone else. Phillips needs to do the same thing till his hand is back to near 100% because right now he is an out machine. I respect Rolen because he understands that his body can't go for 162 games and accepts the days off and such. Stop trying to be da man, if you can't go tell someone.

Also can we hire a new medical team, because they sure didn't do their job last night...