View Full Version : First game vs. Brewers..

09-20-2010, 10:07 AM
Right now Homer is set to go, but there are still questions around his physical state. So Dusty said if he can't go it could be LeCure, Malloney or get ready for it.....Harang. So my questions are...

1. If Homer is still having issues my question is why hasn't he seen a specialist. This can't be good and just can't be something small.

2. Harang? You have got to be kidding me. If Dusty pencil's in Harang as tonight's starter, someone should be fired on the spot. If Homer can not go then is should be LeCure without question given how he has pitched since being recalled.

3. Why hasn't Dusty pitched either co-co or chapman over the past few days. Especially Co-Co who has shown if he doesn't get regular work he is a mess (even bigger) on teh mound. Again this shows Dusty inability to handle a bullpen.

4. There is no reason Phillips should be batting leadoff, how can your no. 3 guy go 3-5 yesterday and not have a single RBI?