View Full Version : singing a new tune now

09-27-2010, 04:42 AM
ok I know that a couple days ago I was down, seeing the worst on the horizon but....Today I am better! I was listening to the game yesterday hearing the hits and the runs and thinking about the offense this team CAN generate. We had solid starting pitching and in 3 games gave up 10 runs, ok. I can live with that. Today I am thinking WT* why is everyone so afraid of the big bad wolf phillies. they have been on a win streak tear but that can not go on forever. sooner or later all streaks end and fall apart. maybe the phillies are set to be picked. We have pitching, we have the bats we have speed and defense. Lets welcome the phillies in the first round. I think we can take them. Mark Twain told of a man who every morning the first thing he did was eat a live frog, because after the the rest of the whole day had to get better. Lets eat the frog. Take phillie in the first round. Gotta beat em sooner or later, lets do it sooner. 7 months ago we did not stand a change of winning the division yet..... here we are! yea, lets start at the top and work our way down. Take the extra day of rest and go slay the beast while it sleeps in its own den. I think we can do this!! But we will need to be on the top of our game. no more little mistakes, no more lackadasical swinging or huge HR swipe that lead to SO's. Clean contact, smart fast base running and move them around. Solid error-less defense. We can do it!!!!! packing my bags for Philly. Let's go dragon hunting oh yea get some