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09-29-2010, 12:12 PM
I can't talk playoffs. The concept is too foreign. :)

So, like we almost always do at this time, it's time to question next year. The posts regarding LF and SS have played out IMO. Let's talk bullpen.

Cordero is going to be at the very least, the first half closer. Chapman will probably be in the rotation. So who does that leave?


CL Cordero
RP Massett


RP Smith
RP LeCure - very intriguing numbers out of the pen. throws harder and good K/9 in small sample.
RP Bray - Forget the ERA, all his peripherals are solid. He might actually be finally healthy.


RP Rhodes - Will he be back?
RP Ondrusek - Please, just one inning outings...
RP DRH - NOT a LOOGY, but can be effective following hard throwers.
RP Joseph - Spectacular year across 3 levels. he's a darkhorse, but could see time like Smith did.
RP Arredondo - He'll be 27 and one year+ removed from TJ surgery. Closer stuff. Might need a month at AAA to start the season, but might eventually succeed Cordero as closer.

Cordero has had an.... interesting season. Stretches of lights out performances followed by disaster after disaster. Someone will be the new closer in 2011. Massett likely has the first crack at it, but Arredondo shouldn't be counted out. That was a shrewd pickup by Walt, one that has flown under the radar.


09-29-2010, 12:19 PM
I think we have November, December, January, February, and March to think this stuff through.

Put it on the back burner and throw every ounce of your being into October baseball.

Carpe Diem.