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10-02-2010, 10:10 AM
Reds win the Central, go 5-5, record 89-71, finish 42-39 on the road, currently 47-32 at home, run differential up to plus 101, five game lead over Cards.

Offense - Reds lead NL in OPS, BA and SLG, tied for lead in OBP, but these numbers have been dropping a bit as season draws to a close. OPS now .771, OBP .338, SLG .434, BA .270, all even with last time or down slightly. Trend has been downward, although Reds offense was very pleasant surprise this season.

Reds BA/OBP/SLG/OPS for 2009 was .247/.318/.394/.712. Big increases across the board in 2010. Reds lead NL in 2010 in runs scored, hits (wide margin), and HRs.

Individually, the big name, of course, is Votto, currently with .323 BA/.423 OBP/.598 SLG/1.021 OPS in likely MVP season. Also has 37 HRs and 112 RBI.

Pitching - 2009 team with 4.18 ERA, 4.50 starters, 3.56 relief. 2010 improvement to date to 4.03 team ERA, 4.05 starters, 4.00 relief. Big improvement overall and for starters; bullpen ERA not as good as last year. Reds team ERA currently 7th in NL and slightly better than league average (4.04).

Starting pitching ending 2010 strong, with ERA moving in last 20 games from 4.17 to current 4.05. Reds starters so far at 57-44 W-L record, relievers at 32-27.

Arroyo with excellent season finished 17-10 with 3.88. Arroyo had WHIP of 1.15, excellent for a starting pitcher. Bronson with 215.2 innings, by far the most on the team. Cueto also with a very good year, 185.2 innings, 12-7 with 3.64.

Looking at WHIP, Reds lefties were particularly good in this department. Rhodes 1.01, Chapman 1.05, Wood 1.08, Bray 1.09, Maloney in spot duty 1.13, all among team leaders.

Fielding - Reds with 72 errors, better than all NL teams except SF and SD with 71. Reds with .988 FPCT tied for lead in NL. Reds DER third best in NL (MLB.com numbers) trailing only Giants and Pads.

The numbers tell the tale of the season. Improved starting pitching, continued excellence in defense, big move forward in team offense. On to the playoffs.

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Thanks for making these posts, KC. I enjoyed reading them.

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I have, too...thank you!

Thanks for making these posts, KC. I enjoyed reading them.

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Thanks for making these posts, KC. I enjoyed reading them.

Ditto. Love these threads KC.

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Ditto. Not always a lot to talk about with these threads, so there aren't many posts, but I for sure read them everytime!

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I enjoyed doing these. Hopefully will do again next season.

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Good stuff, Kc. Glad to see you pull in DER. Would be great to see you include FIP on the pitcher side since ERA is really a combination of pitching and defense.