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10-10-2010, 03:52 PM
Hello Reds Fans,

I am a (Phillies) fan from Philadelphia who registered here awhile back to ask a question about attendance at Reds games that I never got around to asking before now. No intent to troll here, I just study attendance stuff as sort of an avocation on the side - I am fascinated by the business side of baseball.

So my question is about why the Reds were having such a tough time of it this year attendance-wise. Obviously, they increased their total over last year, but I noticed there were games in September, when the Reds had a 7 game lead for the division title, where the Reds were drawing less than 15,000. Obviously, part of it was that these were mid-week night games during the school year, but even so, with the Reds in first place by a good margin coming down the stretch, something that hadn't happened for quite a while in Cincinnati, I was surprised the crowds weren't bigger. Things picked up during that last home stand, but overall, I'd have to say if I were Reds' management this year, I'd be a little disappointed in the turnout.

I am wondering what explanations there might be for this that I am not seeing as someone far from the action. I thought I'd post here and ask your thoughts. I see the postseason tickets have sold very well, and re-sellers are getting high premiums over face value for them. So where was all this pent up demand during the regular season? I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, and congratulations on your Reds making the postseason. Even if this one doesn't turn out the way you'd like, when you have a nice young team like the Reds have, that has the opportunity to have a few more seasons like this one, the "first" season of turnaround will always be a sweet memory. I think most Phils fans adore 2007, for example, even though the Phils got swept out of the first round. It was so much fun just to get there and beat the METS.

10-11-2010, 12:11 AM
The search feature is your friend... :)



Since there's probably little more to be said that hasn't already been said in the above threads, I'm going to close this one. If anyone has any further insights to share, please post them in the appropriate existing thread.