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Chip R
11-18-2010, 03:50 PM
Here is the Reds Hot Stove League show report for 11/16/10. This is all I have for now since Xavier basketball was on at 6:30 and I have no idea if they broadcast the rest of the show on WCKY. The podcast for the show isn’t available on WLW’s website and a link to it is on the Reds’ web page but it isn’t available yet. If it does become available, I’ll post the rest of the show.

Thom was the host this week and started the show by announcing the Razor Ramon re-signing. He said the combination of Hanigan, Corky and Hernandez had more runs batted in than any other team's catching position except for ATL. He said the Reds will wait on Mesaraco who had a phenomenal year in the minors last year and if he has a year this year like he did last year, he will be the starting catcher in 2012. Thom said the AL and NL managers of the year will be announced on Wednesday (and we all know how that went.) Thom said Halliday was an easy - and unanimous - choice for NL Cy Young. Thom said that along with the Yankees and Rangers, the Nationals, Phillies, Red Sox and Cubs have expressed interest in signing Cliff Lee. Thom thought it was interesting the Phils would trade Lee away and then think about re-signing him. Thom said the Braves traded for Dan Uggla for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn. Thom thinks that's a good deal for both teams.

The first caller thinks the re-signing of Ramon was a good thing. He also wants to know if anyone is teaching Stubbs how to bunt. Thom agreed and said the same thing he said last week about having a nickel for every player who should have learned to do that several times a year (I know I’m going to have to make a macro out of this statement.) He said he doesn't know how much he's going to work on that during the offseason or if he will be monitored. He said that he's a guy that wants to get better and has got better. Thom said that if he doesn't come back next year improved in that area, someone in the organization is going to hear about it from someone higher up and that should be his first priority during the offseason. Thom said if Stubbs got on base more often he'd lead the NL in stolen bases for the next several years.

The next caller said he was a "lifelong member of the Reds fan organization" (Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer.) The caller wanted to talk about maturity. He said that's what (?) Rocco's (Someone help me out here cause I've listened to this several times and I have no idea who he is talking about.) problem was. He said you see a lot of late bloomers and some get it early and others don't. He said that's what killed the Reds in the playoffs and the players didn't know what to think of it. He said, "Even though they are playing on their home field half the time they just couldn't adapt." (Wow! That made my head hurt.) He also said that if the Reds needed another LH batter, why did they get rid of Adam Dunn. Thom said that Dunn would chew up a lot of payroll and you have to ask if he's a guy you want to build the team around. He said most of the mid-market teams have to ask which couple of players they can sign to big money long term deals they can build around and win. He said the Reds had Dunn for 7 years and they decided they were going to build the team around young pitching and with the exception of Rolen and Cabrera, young players. He said he thinks the Reds could bring in someone less expensive to platoon with Gomes.

After commercial, the next caller praised William Wright, Jr. (who I guess is a minority owner. After looking at the organizational chart, I think he may have said William Reik). Thom said ownership is doing a tremendous job of taking the Reds in the right direction.

The next caller wanted to know when a show on MLB network would be on with Bench, Morgan and Perez. He also didn't think the Phillies showed a lot of class in talking about the Reds and Cole Hamels was the only one who said the Reds had a good team. Thom disagreed. He said a lot of people including Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Charlie Manuel said that the Reds reminded them of the Phillies in 2007. He said it's a classy organization from top to bottom

The next caller said he thinks Stubbs has to work on his lead off 1st and his jump off the pitcher. He wanted to know if Joe Morgan works with those players. Thom said he does and so does Eric Davis. Thom said that when Stubbs came up, the Reds had already finished playing a lot of teams so this year he wasn't familiar with them, Thom added that Stubbs was in and out of the lineup a lot and he's still getting familiar with these pitchers. He said give him another half-season and then judge him. (Why wait when we can to rush to judgment?)

Thus endeth (for now) the Reds Hot Stove League show report for 11/16/10. So let it be written. So let it be done.

11-18-2010, 04:23 PM
Thanks, Chip.