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Chip R
11-29-2010, 12:37 PM
Here is the Reds Hot Stove League show report for 11-23-10. Marty was the host and started the show by talking about the Reds cruise he was on with players like Brandon and Heisey. Marty then talked about Votto winning MVP. He also said Josh Hamilton won AL MVP. He said Votto's win was absolutely incredible. He said Votto represents the ball club like it - or any club - needs to be represented. He said Votto was sensational in the Q&A on Monday. Marty said that the Yankees will not offer Derek Jeter arbitration. He said they need to make a deal or Jeter goes elsewhere. The Yankees are offering him 3 years for $45M. He said most of the insiders believe this is a take it or leave it offer to Jeter. Marty said the Phillies will offer arbitration to Jason Werth but not to Chad Durbin. He said Aubrey Huff has re-signed with SF for 2 years $22M. Victor Martinez has agreed to a deal with DET and ATL will not offer arbitration to Tray Glaus, Derrik Lee, Eric Hinske, Kyle Farnsworth and Rick Ankiel. Marty said that the Reds have signed Dontrelle Willis to a minor league contract. He thought that was a great move on Walt's part. He said if they can find the key to the door that can make him find his control, it is a great signing. (Just don't give him the key to the kitchen door.)

The first caller calling from Ontario said he was happy about Votto winning the MVP and the Reds drafted a kid from his hometown he taught in 10th grade, SS Brandon Dailey. Marty said he'd keep an eye on him.

The next caller wanted to know that since Walt said he isn't going to entertain any free agents if he'll trade pitching to get a LFer. Marty said that's a good question and people think that the Reds have such pitching surplus that will bring in a bonafide leadoff hitter. He said they won 91 games without one and that’s something they would like to correct. He said if they do it they will do it by trade. The caller asked if the Reds should sign Votto to a long term deal. Marty said he doesn't believe the Reds need - or Votto needs - a long term deal. He said the Reds have him under contract for 3 more years before he can be a free agent. He thinks it's premature and he believes Votto feels it's premature. He wouldn't be surprised if the Reds feel the same way, He said maybe after next year and definitely after 2012.

After commercial, the next caller (who sounded like one of those WLW plants or Gomer Pyle) wanted to congratulate "Joey Vote-o" on winning the MVP and he couldn't believe he won it by such a large margin. Marty said it was a big day in Cincy and Toronto. The caller asked if it was true that the Reds signed Willis to a contract. Marty said it was and he thinks it's great.

The next caller said he ran into Votto in a fast food restaurant after the playoffs and picked up some sandwiches for the Reds and as he was standing in line the manager let him cut in line and Joey apologized to everyone standing in line. He said that was a good thing to do. Marty said he's a class act and has the whole package. He represents himself, his team, the game and his family well and in an A+ fashion. The caller asked where Chapman will end up. Marty said he doesn't know. He thinks if they start him out in the bullpen, Cordero may be operating on a short leash. Next year is his final year in his contract.

The next caller asked about the 7-8 second delay with the radio and the TV broadcasts. Marty said he's fought tooth and nail to get it synched up so people can listen to the radio while watching the TV at the same time. (Nice. So what Marty is saying is that people should be able to listen to him and turn down the TV guys including his own son.)

The next caller asked about Jay Bruce and what kind of deal he will get. He said they have at least three years (It's four) where he's under their control and he doesn't know how wise it would be to offer these guys long term deals this early in their careers.

After commercial, the next caller asked that now Joe Morgan is no longer at ESPN, will he have a larger role with the Reds. Marty said he has no idea. He thinks having Joe available more often is nothing but a plus. The caller asked other than trading the whole farm away, how can they make the team better. Marty said they don't have to do a lot. He said John Fay wrote a piece in the Enquirer saying that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the 2011 club look very similar to the 2010 club. He said that the advantage to having a young, good team is that you don't have to make lots of changes. He said if they can get a leadoff hitter, they will but otherwise don't look for a lot of changes.

The next caller asked Marty's opinion about the umpiring in the post-season. Marty said he's a major proponent of expanding video review. He thinks baseball has had its head in the sand as far as expanding replay has been concerned. He thinks the umpires do well overall.

After commercial, the next caller asked what the Golden Sombrero was. Marty said that means striking out 4 times in a game and striking out 5 times in a game is a Platinum Sombrero. He says he isn't sure where the term comes from. (Probably from the hockey term "Hat Trick" for 3 goals in a game.)

The next caller asked about an article in the NY times where Scott Boros' agency is loaning money to Latin-American kids. Marty said he hasn't read the article. The caller asked about shortstop. Marty said that if they can't bring back OCab, the job is Janish's to lose and he's earned the nod. The caller asked if these post season awards mean a lot to the players. Marty said they do and a lot of players have clauses in their deals where they get so much money if they win or finish in a certain place for an award.

The next caller asked what he thinks about 2011. Marty said if they can stay healthy, they will do better in 2011.

The next caller said that the Reds are very aggressive on the bases in the early part of the year but it tapered down towards the end. He asked if it was because of injuries. Marty said he has noticed the same thing and he thinks stealing bases goes down as the season progresses because of injury. He would like to see Stubbs steal more bases and thinks he will be a big time player.

After commercial, the next caller said that Jay Bruce was more deserving of the Gold Glove than any of the Reds who won with the possible exception of Brandon Phillips. Marty agreed he deserved to win and what he's read about the selections and that they should give by position rather than selecting 3 OFers. He thought it was criminal he didn't win. The caller said there were probably a few games he saved because of the respect other teams had for his arm.

The next caller asked if the Reds may deal some of their surplus starting pitching for Reyes. (I'm not sure if I'd ever see the day when people are suggesting we trade pitching to the Mets rather than the other way around since the Mets have usually had quality pitching.) Marty said he doesn't see it happening if he's making over $4M a year. He said from what he's heard from Walt, the priority is to find a leadoff hitter. The caller asked if they could trade Arroyo to the Mets for Reyes. Marty said they won't trade Arroyo and they need a veteran presence in the rotation to go with the young pitchers. He doesn't see the Reds making any kind of a deal for Reyes.

Thus endeth the Reds Hot Stove League show report for 11-23-10. So let it be written, So let it be done.

11-29-2010, 01:59 PM
You're still a saint for doing this every week although this show seemed much tamer with more 'intelligent' sounding questions than normal. Must be the holidays, LOL :laugh:

Thanks as always! :thumbup:

11-29-2010, 04:54 PM
thanks Chip. I'm just now getting around to reading this.

11-29-2010, 09:05 PM
I noticed the same thing regarding steals in the early going. I felt that part of the early success was due to aggressive base running that put pressure on the opponent's defense. They seemed to rely more on the long ball as the season went on. I'd like to see more steal attempts as well as stretching hits. I think it energizes a team to do so. If your opponent makes a perfect throw and cuts you down, good for him. Most of the time he won't.

max venable
11-29-2010, 09:58 PM
about the golden sombrero...From Wiki:

The term derives from hat trick and since four is bigger than three; the rationale was that a four-strikeout performance should be referred to by a bigger hat, such as a sombrero.The "Olympic Rings" or platinum sombrero applies to a player striking out five times in a game, while a horn (after Sam Horn of the Baltimore Orioles, who accomplished the feat in an extra-inning game in 1991) or titanium sombrero is bestowed upon a player who strikes out six times in a single game.