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01-16-2011, 02:38 PM
So on Friday, a professional organization Im in met up at GABP for our monthly meeting. We have been recently touring different businesses to see their management practices, business plan, meet with executives, etc. Well this month we were given a tour of the GABP facility by a GABP staff member, as well as having the pleasure of Phil Castellini presenting to us.

We had about 50 of us in total and the tour started out with a walk-through of the corporate offices, and then we ventured down to the bottom of the stadium and toured the inside of the Diamond Club seats. I had never been down there and it's VERY cool. From there we went back upstairs and toured a few of the different suites, press box, 700WLW booth, Riverfront Club, Machine Room, etc. All very cool especially the areas I hadn't seen before.

From there we went into a conference room where we had a presentation from Phil Castellini. He went into a bit of their family history, and how they got associated with investing in baseball. They had previously been involved with G.W. Bush + Rangers, Jocketty + Cardinals, and then the Reds. They KNOW how to build a winning team, and the most key thing I noticed was you can easily tell Phil and his family, as well as the entire owner group are FANS. Moving through the presentation there was some more history, business information, business strategies about ballpark ROI, etc. It's really cool to see all the nuts-and-bolts of ballpark business that you'd never even begin to think about.

After the presentation, there was a short Q&A session. Some questions were completely ridiculous, but Ill paraphrase a few of the others:

Q: "Whats the worst part of your job?"
A: "When the team blows @$$ and you can't do anything about it. People are still grinding and working their hardest, but at the end of season we have nothing to show for it. That's the worst, and we're trying our hardest to eliminate that from happening."

Q: "What has been your best memory working in baseball so far?"
A: "Easily. The clinch night. No matter if we're winning or losing, people behind-the-scenes are busting their butts to make everything perfect. However, when we are a division winner for the first time in 15-years, that's something special. I'll never forget that night."

Q: "When are you guys going to buy the Bengals?"
A: *after laughter tapers down* "You know, you say that joking, but there would be a big change in the business management style for the Bengals organization. We would implement a lot of the same practices that have worked well for us with the Reds organization. We already have a head-start with the Reds, and we know, to a degree, what does and does not work. We'd attempt to best shadow those practices, while slightly adapting them to best fit the Bengals mold. With all that being said, that won't happen in my lifetime, for obvious reasons."

^^You could EASILY tell they've thought about it.

All in all, a VERY cool afternoon, and Im very appreciative for the opportunity. Phil was a very nice and down-to-earth guy that was a lot more laid-back than I would have thought. Just thought Id share. I think I was the only Reds "nut" in attendance, but I absolutely ate it up. :)

Edit: Also, that would be THE best job ever. I cannot stress enough how much Id thoroughly love working for the Reds/in baseball to some capacity. So, if someone from the FO is reading this, drop me a PM. Haha


01-16-2011, 02:40 PM
What was the most interesting thing you saw while you were there?

01-16-2011, 02:44 PM
That I saw? Hmm... I had been in most of the areas prior, but the Diamond Club area was pretty cool. I wish we would have been able to see the locker room or something like that, but I imagine that's fairly well off-limits. All in all, Id have to say that seeing the Reds COO talking to us as a fan, and not as a COO, was the best part of the day. Hands down.


01-16-2011, 09:57 PM
Thought more people would be interested. lol

01-16-2011, 10:25 PM
That was cool. I would like to tour GABP.

I know what you mean. Last September, I went to a CBTS seminar held at the Reds Great American Ball Park. It was during batting practice so once in awhile a ball would hit a window in our room in the centerfield area. We would all snicker when that would happen. Great food and drink afterward.

Oh and by the way, we got to stay for the game in which the Reds clinched the division that night. :beerme:


01-18-2011, 02:29 PM
Lucky guy.
Phil's pretty cool. I enjoyed talking to him at the caravan a couple of years ago.
Did you take any pictures?

01-18-2011, 03:50 PM
Just one of the field snow-covered and another semi-blurry one of the diamond club area.


01-19-2011, 07:05 AM
Very cool. Thanks for sharing. In high school I had the opportinity to job shadow
with the Cleveland Indians. It was in the height of their franchise in recent years in the mid 90's. I shadowed a lady who was an assistant to then gm John Hart. I had the pleasure of doing everything ranging from alphabetizing minor league contracts to touring everything from the players clubhouse all the way up to then owner Dick Jacob's office. They were scheduled to head to spring training that week so i didn' get to meet any of the players or coaches. What an experience and surely something I'll never forget.

01-21-2011, 10:54 AM
Cool experience! I got a tour of the Durham Bulls stadium a few years back which was cool too. Got to see the locker rooms, etc, Josh Hamiltons bag was actually in the lockerroom as he was there for off season workouts (he had already been traded from Reds to Rangers at that point-it was a Rangers bag and no one could figure out whose it was, then I said/asked Josh Hamilton, and the tour guy said "oh yeah, thats right, he's with them now and is here". I got to make the bull snort smoke too which was kinda fun as I grew up watching that.