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03-28-2011, 01:43 PM
700WLW Opening Day Schedule

The Cincinnati Reds Opening Day is the biggest day of the year in Cincinnati and on 700WLW! On this special day, The Big One will be taking our top talent downtown to Cadillac Ranch, to the Findlay Market Opening Day and to Great American Ballpark for live broadcasts leading up to the big game!

5am - 9am
Jim Scott with Mo Egger from Cadillac Ranch

9am - 12n
Sloanie & Tracy from Cadillac Ranch

Doc Thompson at Cadillac Ranch

10:30 - 12n
Jim Scott, Jeff Henderson and Doc Thompson in the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade

12n - 1:40pm
Bill Cunningham, Bill “Seg” Dennison, Lance McAllister & Doc Thompson under the Stacks in the outfield at Great American Ball Park

The Tri-State Chevy Dealers Cincinnati Reds Opening Day coverage on The Big One is presented by Calloway Cleaning and Restoration and Meijer Active Wear.

700WLW is in the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade, presented by R & L Carriers. Click here for more information on the Findlay market Parade.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety reminds you not to drink and drive, and if you are drinking, make sure you have a designated driver.

ESPN1530's Opening Day CoverageCincinnati's ESPN 1530's coverage of Opening Day 2011 with Mo Egger - LIVE from Gameworks at Newport on the Levee.

Mo Egger Live Broadcast with special Guests

03-31-2011, 09:48 AM
It has been good to listen to but they still have a "Million Ads" as usual. :)

You can listen online on the home page. www.700wlw.com

Note: 700wlw does not broadcast the Reds game online. (MLB rule)