View Full Version : Louisville's first game.

04-08-2011, 12:21 PM
A loss where the pitching blew, but can anyone ever remembering a better starting 8 in the field than what Louisville had last night? Good major league ready players at every position, with a few potential very good - Maybe Dorn's the weak link.

Just compare to Houston's starting 8:
Sappelt CF Bourn
Cozart SS Sanchez
Alonso LF Lee
Frazier 3B Johnson
Hermida RF Pence
Mesoraco C Quintero
Valaika 2B Hall
Dorn 1B Wallace

I think at least 4 Louisville guys would start on Houston's roster right now, and really who on that lineup would you trade Alonso, Sappelt, or Mes for... For me it's only Hunter Pence.