View Full Version : Observations from my first Reds game

04-23-2011, 11:41 AM
Of the year.

LaRussa did a smart thing by having a reliever start the game when he knew a 2-hour delay was coming. Then McClellan got to pitch later. Not sure why McClellan could pitch starting at 9:30p but Volquez could not.

Joey leaving Stubbs stranded at 3rd with 1 out in the first just seemed...big. Felt really really big at the time, especially when the Cards did the usual opp 1st inning score thing right after. Joey sure had a bad night.

Maloney really got knocked around. Even outs were hit hard. Very very very surprised Dusty let him bat in the top of the 3rd. I had no doubt (until it didn't happen) we would see a PH and a staff-by-committee for the game. Then he didn't record an out in the bottom of the inning anyway, the whole thing made no sense.

Overall the story of the game was -0- hits with RISP. One measly sac fly. We have to start getting clutch hits or this could all go south very quickly.