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04-25-2011, 12:02 PM
From time to time I like to peruse the fan boards of other teams and get a feel for their perspectives. I feel compelled this time to throw some thoughts of my own into the mix.
To begin, I am glad to see the Reds enjoying a resurgence. The franchise goes back a long way and the community deserves a team of which it can be proud. For St. Louis, this past decade has been mostly about a rivalry with Houston. That is mostly gone now as Houston is rebuilding. The Cubs rivalry is longstanding, naturally. I like having another team to get pumped up for. The Reds are the defending division champs and the story got rather interesting last year. The Reds are young, loaded, and hungry. It makes for good baseball.
Now for some random thoughts based on some posts I read. If Albert leaves after this year it will definitely be a setback. We absolutely love the guy. That being said, if he insists on a contract that the team just can't sustain while fielding a competitive team then goodbye it is. Would you pay him 10yrs/$300 mil? He sells a lot of merchandise and brings fans to the game, but management will need to decide what its threshold is. There's a good chance he'll take a small discount in order to remain a lifetime Cardinal and be this generation's Stan Musial, admired and loved by millions. Money can't buy that. If he indeed does leave Lance will likely re-up if he is able to play and we'll go from there. It is what it is. I just can't imagine him becoming a Cub. Please God no.
Brandon Phillips is very talented, but there's no reason to go public with comments like he did. Be a pro and keep it to yourself. I wonder where he did eat over the weekend.
Cueto kicking someone's face with spikes? Wrong on any level. Jason LaRue is a good guy and didn't deserve that.
Tony LaRussa is disliked by many Cards fans. He sticks with veterans when a younger guy is clearly the better option. Many fans want him gone and are quite vocal about it. I'm not in the clubhouse so I can't really judge. He has obviously had success and Dave Duncan is the benchmark for pitching coaches. When they move on it will be a radical change. His DUI is definitely an embarassment.
"Cards fans are the best fans in baseball." I'm not sure why that is always said. We are passionate about the game and our team in particular. We appreciate baseball's history more than many teams due to the fact that it is a longer history and includes many memorable people and times. There are many d'bags in St. Louis, however. You likely have some as well. Not everybody here is pompous, arrogant and whiny, and a few of us reside in our own homes rather than our moms' basements.:)
Walt Jocketty was (and is) admired by us. He was let go by ownership, I believe, because he tended to trade away the farm for expensive players and the team cannot be sustained in that fashion. A ground-up approach was necessary.
I will always cheer for Edgar, Scott, and Miguel. I still wear my Rolen jersey to games. He is a great guy and a plus for any team. Unfortunately he and Tony didn't jibe.
Hopefully fans can keep things in perspective. Most of us don't hate Cub fans, for example (or Reds fans). I'll sit in the stands with them and chat. We have differing allegiances, but we're all Americans and if we were at war together would have each others' backs. If I showed up at GABP wearing a Cards jersey I would expect some good-natured ribbing. When people become aggressive or throw food/drink it is ridiculous. If an opposing fan experienced that at Busch it should be intolerable. We should thank you for spending your money here and welcome you back.
Glad we won this series. We caught you in a funk and don't expect the next to be the same. Thanks for reading and lets hope that baseball doesn't progress to the point where fans can't afford to take in a game.

04-25-2011, 01:25 PM
you need a TL;DR

04-25-2011, 05:41 PM
I forced myself to read your entire post. It was OK EXEPT: You must use paragraphs if you expect to be read. That big block of text is daunting.

And don't feel like you have to jam all your thoughts and points in the initial post....there is plenty of time to get them in if you get replies.

Best fans in baseball? That's nuts....no one is qualified to judge that....just too many variables. Just a magazine article that miffed fans in other cities.

I'm with you on the rivalry thing....The Reds need a real rival, and now that the 'Stros are down they pose no threat in the Central to the Reds or the Cards. (the Cubs make me laugh)

I will reserve any further comment to see if there is any interest in your post.

Oh, and welcome aboard.

04-25-2011, 05:47 PM
''Brandon Phillips is very talented, but there's no reason to go public with comments like he did. Be a pro and keep it to yourself. I wonder where he did eat over the weekend.
Cueto kicking someone's face with spikes? Wrong on any level. Jason LaRue is a good guy and didn't deserve that.''

Welcome,nice post.But this is where you lost me.Philips is extroverted,if it hurts people's feelings,then so be it.Sports needs players like him to keep it fun.Sometimes things go wrong,but that shows the intensity of the players,and passion for the game.The Cueto incident has been discussed ad nauseum on here,for and against.
So please make your argument as well about why what he did was wrong.

04-26-2011, 12:40 PM
Welcome it is always nice to see fans of other teams on the board, it makes it more interesting. I look forward to seeing more of your posts and having some great discussions about the upcoming Reds and Cards series.

04-26-2011, 03:11 PM
you need a TL;DR

Lol or some paragraph formatting!

Anyways, welcome L.O.B., it's nice to have some rival fans around who are knowledgeable and fun to rib back and forth.

I disagree with you about Phillips. (Big surprise, I know :)) He was pretty much talking about Carpenter, who is tough to defend as a non whiner. When Carp stops being a little girl, I'll be the first to admit BP is wrong in this characterization.

Cueto, i can concede the point that it was dumb and childish. But let's not forget that Larue's career was over because he wasn't good enough anymore. Nothing more, nothing less. Blaming Cueto is a good excuse because he couldn't hack it anymore. It would hold more water if he wasn't batting around .190.

Carp caused that particular turn of events, no doubt about it.

Anyway, I hope to see more of your posts, and again, welcome.


04-27-2011, 12:43 PM
Snore....too long and boring.....