View Full Version : Dragon Tickets 4 sale

05-09-2011, 09:47 PM
Got 4 Dragons tickets I'm willing to part with. I'm able to make the game if I want to but times are hard and I could use the dough so I'm willing to let them go for less than face value which is 17 bucks apiece. I'm thinking 12.50 apiece is a fair price and would prefer to sell them together (or at least all at once). The game is Saturday June 18th at 7pm against the division leading Lansing Lugnuts. Section 115, field level (down the 3rd base line near the Dayton Bullpen), row 11, seats 18-21. Just went to a game a few weeks back in this same section but just a few rows closer and there is a good view of the field and the Jumbo screen in LF, good place for foul balls also.

Oh and 1 more thing we might have to get a bit creative in how we make the transaction I don't have a paypal account or anything along those lines. PM me if your interested.

05-13-2011, 12:15 AM
OK you guys drive a hard bargain. It can't hurt to make an offer if the price isn't right for ya, I can't say I will take the offer but I'm open to something fair.