View Full Version : Bowden Article Full of Errors About Barry Larkin

05-18-2011, 02:51 PM
See the article here:


Who proofreads this stuff? Amazing. Here is the quote:

"After 2000, we started seeing some decline in Barry's abilities. He never hit .300 again after that season. Barry never had an OBP over .350 after 2001. He never stole more than eight bases after 2002. He never scored 50 runs or more after the 1999 season. The 12-time All-Star made it to the Midsummer Classic only once after the year 2000."

After 2000 Barry never hit over .300: TRUE
Never had OBP over .350 after 2001: FALSE - .352 in 2004
Never stole more than eight bases after 2002: TRUE
Never scored more than 50 runs after 1999: FALSE - 72 in 2002, 55 in 2000

Lazy writing, poor editing - and very disappointing. If I were Barry I would not be happy. He must have meant never "batted in" more than 50 runs after 1999.