View Full Version : Real nice win tonight

05-28-2011, 01:13 AM
Leake came through with an excellent start when the club really needed it bad. Good contributions from guys up and down the order. Really good relief work by Bray and Masset. I'm hoping this could spark a little streak on the positive side.

Would be nice to get Votto back on track, too, this weekend. He seems a little "off" right now.

05-28-2011, 09:37 AM
Yes it was a great effort. Before Leake had his problems he was rolling. Maybe he can be a solid starter again.

05-28-2011, 12:08 PM
Yeah that was a big start by Leake...he ate some innings and held them down which is exactly what we needed. We are gonna have to get more timely hits but I'm not about to really nitpick a win that we desperately needed.