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05-30-2011, 01:49 PM
Below are some of the accomplishments of the Reds GM's going back to Bowden...Whom do you think has done the best job?

Jim Bowden (2)

Joey Votto, draft, 2nd round, 2002
Ryan Hanigan, non-drafted free agent, 2002

Dan O'Brien (9)Homer Bailey, draft, 1st round, 2004

Paul Janish, draft, 5th round, 2004
Phillippe Valiquette, draft, 7th round, 2004
Jay Bruce, draft, 1st round, 2005
Travis Wood, draft, 2nd round, 2005
Sam LeCure, draft, 4th round, 2005
Carlos Fisher, draft, 11th round, 2005
Logan Ondrusek, draft, 13th round, 2005
Johnny Cueto, non-drafted free agent, 2004
Juan Francisco, non-drafted free agent, 2004

Wayne Krivsky (11)

Drew Stubbs, draft, 1st round, 2006
Chris Valaika, draft, 3rd round, 2006
Jordan Smith, draft, 6th round, 2006
Chris Heisey, draft, 17th round, 2006
Todd Frazier, draft, 1st round, 2007
Zach Cozart, draft, 2nd round, 2007
Jeremy Horst, draft, 21st round, 2007
Jared Burton, Rule 5, 2006 (**60 day DL)
Brandon Phillips trade, 2006
Bronson Arroyo, trade, 2006
Edinson Volquez, trade, 2007
Matt Maloney, trade, 2007
Francisco Cordero, free agent, 2007
Bill Bray, trade, 2006
Darryl Thompson, trade, 2006

Walt Jocketty (15)

Yasmani Grandal, 1st round, 2010
Mike Leake, draft, 1st round, 2009
Ramon Hernandez, trade, 2008
Yonder Alonso, draft, 1st round, 2008
Scott Rolen, trade, 2009
Kris Negron, trade, 2009
Tom Cochran, minor league free agent, 2009
Jonny Gomes, free agent, 2009
Miguel Cairo, free agent, 2010
Edgar Renteria, free agent, 2011
Jeremy Hermida, free agent, 2011
Nick Masset, trade, 2008
Jose Arredondo, free agent, 2010
Aroldis Chapman, free agent, 2010
Fred Lewis, free agent, 2011


With the promotion of Jeremy Horst there are now 8 of Wayne Krivsky's draft picks that have made it to the major leagues
Justin Turner, draft, 7th round, 2006 (traded in R. Hernandez deal/now with Mets)
Josh Roenicke, draft, 10th round, 2006 (traded in Rolen deal)
Drew Stubbs, draft, 1st round, 2006
Chris Valaika, draft, 3rd round, 2006
Jordan Smith, draft, 6th round, 2006
Chris Heisey, draft, 17th round, 2006
Jeremy Horst, draft, 21st round, 2007
Todd Frazier, draft, 1st round, 2007

05-31-2011, 07:38 AM
I think Bowden was the worse. I can't remember the year of the Fire Sale but he got rid of most of a bullpen that was pretty good and I don't think he got much in return. (Sullivan and Williamson) I think this hurt us for several years.

Krivsky was underated. Thought he got us headed in the right direction.

05-31-2011, 07:58 AM
Krivsky was underated. Thought he got us headed in the right direction.

This...Castinelli wasn't patient enough and put Jock-Ass (and his crushes for former Cardinals) in charge.

05-31-2011, 09:07 AM
Krivsky got us Phillips and Arroyo for a bag of balls. Two of the better trades in Reds history. He did the Hamilton-Volquez trade......one of the more controversial. And then possibly the most controversial because the Reds were on the verge of the playoffs, trading Lopez and Kearns for Majewski and Bray. Kearns never amounted to anything. Lopez got cut because he was a slacker. Majewski was hurt and didn't amount to anything. Bray had TJ surgery and is making a decent comeback. The players didn't do much, but the trade was controversial because Lopez and Kearns were actually doing pretty well but our bullpen wasn't.

Bowden was definitely the most impatient, 5-tool player loving, GM I've ever seen. Player Development was not in his vocabulary.

Jocketty has done some good things, but sometimes I think he gets too much credit. Sure, Rolen gave this team leadership. And the Hernandez trade is another good pickup (for Freel). But people forget he signed Patterson and then Tavares. He also signed Gomes, giving Dusty goofball players to stick in the lineup.

Krivsky got screwed by Castellini. I really think he got a raw deal.

06-02-2011, 11:31 PM
It's not a fair comparison. Dan O'Brien was handcuffed as a GM. He was under a very tight set of guidelines bot from a budgetary and public relations standpoint. He was told to operate in a certain way, followed his orders and was instructed to do certain things (i.e., LTC Sean Casey, not trade Junior) that hamstrung the team.

Krivsky got in the dog house by having to knock on Bob's door too many times asking to eat bad contracts. Mike Stanton, Rheal Cormier, etc. I also think his trading for obvious damaged goods in Gary Majewski haunted him.

Walt Jocketty is a quality, if not cautious GM. The best of the lot, but he has a lot more financial latitude than did his predecessors.

06-02-2011, 11:32 PM
Jocketty is good but gets too much credit. He should have let Gomes go and kept Nix.