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06-06-2011, 01:09 AM
Mack Jenkins, Reds Minor League Pitching Coordinator, was interviewed on Dayton Dragons pre-game Sunday and asked about Donnie Joseph.

He responded with similar comments to what have been stated here.

When Donnie threw his slider in A-ball, he threw it outside the zone and hitters chased it. When he threw it in AA this season, hitters did not swing, so he was getting behind in the count and hitters were sitting on his fastball and hitting it.

Mack also confirmed that Donnie's velocity is not down. In fact, he said it is up a little, to 93-95 at times.

He noted that Donnie's last three outings have resulted in no hits allowed and that he has been making adjustments.

Interestingly, Joseph this season has allowed no runs in 14 of 23 outings. Unfortunately, when he has been hit, he has been hit hard. Two games with five runs, two with four. His full season ERA is never going to recover, but his performances may show continued progress.

I do like the 29 strikeouts in 24 innings, although he has been much better than that in the past.

Not trying to sugarcoat it, the season has been a disaster for him, just saying that the guy I saw is a guy I am not going to give up on.

06-06-2011, 04:01 PM
Saw him pitch an inning Saturday night in Chattanooga. He hit 94 mph several times and looked good. I made it a point on Sunday to tell him he did a very good job the night before.