View Full Version : Chapman, Lotzkar, and Ynoa

06-15-2011, 12:58 PM
All three were heavily courted (signed/drafted/spurned respectively) by the Reds in the last couple years. All three are young arms with huge upside that have stumbled out of the gate in their professional careers- Lotzkar and Ynoa due to injuries and Chapman due to wildness.

How would you rate these three now? Would you rather have Lotzkar or Ynoa, who is two years younger but has virtually no professional experience due to TJ surgery? If Chapman were still prospect-eligible, would you rank him ahead of Mesoraco or Alonso? Personally, I would rank him between those two (behind Mez but ahead of Alonso). Unless the Reds finally commit to making him a starter, I'm not sure how much more value he'll have over other short-lived bullpen fireballers like Joel Zumaya and Mark Wohlers, especially given the dollars that are owed to him the next few years.

Chapman still has far and away the most value of the three despite his contract, as he has pitched in the majors, throws left-handed, and has the best stuff. However his recent struggles are quite troubling. Lotzkar and Ynoa will be interesting to watch over the next couple of years. Another interesting question might be who you'd prefer at this point- Lotzkar, Ynoa, or Robert Stephenson? Call me biased, but right now I'd rank them 1. Stephenson, 2. Lotzkar, 3. Ynoa. What say you?