View Full Version : Reds stats through 80 games

06-28-2011, 10:57 AM
Reds go 4-6, taking one of three against Jays, Yanks, O's, and winning first game v. Rays. Reds are 41-39, .513 pct, third in the Central behind Brewers by 3.5, lead Bucs by .5. Plus 41 run differential (tied with Braves for second best in NL), 22-19 at home, 19-20 on the road.

Wood, Horst, Fisher down, Bailey, Chapman, LeCure up.

Offense - Generally unchanged. Reds team OPS is tied for third in NL at .737, same number as last two reports. SLG is .404, slightly up from last time (.400), fifth best in NL. OBP is .334, slightly down from last time (.337) and second in NL. BA is .262, same as last time.

Reds lead league in runs scored with 388. Reds lead the league in hits at 730. Reds are second in total bases behind DBacks. Reds are tied for third in HRs with 84. Reds are second in NL in walks. Reds are eighth in league with 52 steals.

In considering "counting stats" Reds have played the most games, but tied with several other teams. Most teams have played 79 or 80.

Reds wOBA remains third best in NL behind Cards and slightly behind Brewers (Reds at .327). Reds wRC+ also third to Cards and Brewers (Reds at 101).

Phillips hot with BA up to .299. Stubbs cold with BA down to .255 and MLB leading 107 strikeouts. Votto OBP is .440. Here are some OPS numbers: Votto .941, Hernandez .883, Bruce (slumping) .848, Heisey .801, Gomes .795, Phillips .767, Stubbs .730, Rolen .715, Janish .525.

Pitching - Team ERA is 4.07, fourteenth in league, favorable jump from last time (4.15). Starting pitching at 4.48, same as last time. Bullpen at 3.34, 8th in NL, major improvement from last time (3.57). Reds FIP is at 4.27 worst in NL. Reds xFIP (normalizing for HRs allowed) is 3.99, better than two other NL clubs.

Reds pitching K/9 is 6.93, fifth worst in NL. Reds BB/9 is 3.58, second worst in NL.

Reds rotation is now Cueto, Arroyo, Leake, Volquez, Bailey.
Cueto at 3-1 with 1.63 ERA, 26/11 Ks to BBs. Arroyo is now 7-6 with 5.01 ERA, 59/22 Ks to BBs. Leake is 7-4 with a 3.89 ERA, 58/21 Ks to BBs. Volquez is 4-3 with a 5.77 ERA, 75/50 Ks to BBs. Bailey is 3-2 with a 3.86 ERA, 27/7 Ks to BBs. Let's add in Wood, now in the minors, 5-5 with a 5.11 ERA, 65/35 Ks to BBs.

Chapman at 20/21 Ks to BBs. Masset 41/21 Ks to BBs. Ondrusek 29/14. Bray 23/10. Cordero 26/11. Arredondo 16/15.

Fielding - Reds team DER according to MLB.com is now second to Bravos in NL. Reds with 40 errors, tied for second fewest in NL with Dodgers. Team UZR is second best in NL, with DBacks in the lead (Reds and DBacks way ahead of the field).