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Red Leader
03-20-2003, 10:06 AM
I had a draft last night in my work league.

10 team league, very competitive.

Categories are:

Runs, Hits, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, TB, AVG

IP, W, L, CG, ShO, S, H, BB, K, ERA, WHIP

I drafted 5th, for the 4th time in 4 drafts!!!

Here is the team I came out of the draft with (I'm not sure if I like it)

C: Jason Varitek, BOS
1B: Ryan Klesko, SD
2B: Ray Durham, SF
SS: Nomar Garciaparra, BOS
3B: Edgardo Alfonzo, SF
OF: Brian Giles, PIT
OF: Shawn Green, LA
OF: Jose Cruz, SF
UTIL: Frank Thomas, CWS
UTIL: Aramis Ramirez, PIT
UTIL: Aubrey Huff, TB
Bench: Carlos Lee, CWS

SP: Randy Johnson, ARI
SP: Mark Prior, ChC
SP: Jason Schmidt, SF
SP: Javier Vazquez, MON
SP: Ramon Ortiz, ANA
RP: Eddie Guardado, MIN
RP: Keith Foulke, OAK
P: Ted Lilly, OAK
P: Jose Jimenez, COL
Bench: Kris Benson, PIT

I'm not sure if I like this team or not. When I look at my offense I think "jack of all trades, master of none," meaning I have a bunch of guys that put up numbers in every category, but not that many that dominate them. I really like my pitching staff, I think it will be among the best in the league. I was thinking of trading Klesko and Alfonzo for Palmeiro and T. Hunter, and sliding Ramirez into the 3B slot. I would pick up some runs, and SB's by doing this. Anyone have any suggestions. I really want to do well in this league. If this was your team what changes would you make? Where do you feel my greatest weakness is, and how would you go about fixing it? Any help appreciated.

03-20-2003, 11:09 AM
Ramierez will have a better year than Alfonso in my opinion, so I would not hesitate in trading Alfonso. And Klesko does not have much around him in the lineup in San Diego, so Palmerio over him would be a good move too. So I would do that trade if the other guy would.

You look pretty good pitching, might be a little short on saves. Maybe dealing Jimenez for someone like Jorge from Baltimore might be about the same saves and help your ERA/WHIP with him.

As far as your hitting, looks ok. Like you said, no real masters in anything, which can be good, becuase if someone slumps or gets hurt, your team does not. Only think you might be short on is SB. Maybe someone like Pierre in the OF would be a nice upgrade over Cruz if you could get him.

Red Leader
03-20-2003, 11:35 AM
Thanks very much for your opinion, ED. The reason I hesitate to trade Alfonzo is because of the following: He is a lock to hit .300. If he hits 5th in the lineup, where he is projected, he will easily approach 100 RBI. His power increased the second half of last year, which is a sign he was getting healthy again. Klesko for Palmeiro straight up I would lose H, 1B, 2B, SB, and AVG (a little) and gain in R, HR, RBI, TB, and BB. The swap of Alfonzo for Hunter, I lose AVG, K's, BB's and possibly runs, but gain in HR, RBI, 2B, 3B, and SB's. Overall, I increase HR, RBI, SB, 3B, and would lose AVG, K's. Also, not sure if I want to get rid of Klesko because of his OF eligibility. I just need a decent 1B back without giving up Klesko, so I can slide him in the OF. Maybe I'll look and see what it'll take to get Derrick Lee.

Red Leader
03-20-2003, 04:42 PM
For my Bench player, I could pick up OF Kevin Millar, OF Corey Patterson, OF Mark Kotsay, OF Danny Bautista, DH Josh Phelps or OF Karim Garcia, or stand pat with OF Carlos Lee. Given my roster above, which would you choose?

03-20-2003, 07:22 PM
I really like Phelps this year. If he stays healthy, I look for 30HR 100 RBI. I say he is worth a shot over Lee, unless you are worried about being short of OF.

There might be better pitchers out there than Lilly too, so you could even drop him for Phelps. But you might then need to look at another pitcher via trade.

Red Leader
03-21-2003, 01:50 PM
I'm really at a toss up with my C. I have Varitek now, but Toby Hall is a free agent. I really think that both of them will produce somewhat similar power numbers....around 18 HR's, 65 RBI. I think Hall might have a better AVG, but Varitek should score more runs in BOS's lineup. Anyone think that this is totally lopsided in favor of one or the other? When I look at expert drafts Hall is usually taken a lot earlier than Varitek, but when I look at those same experts predictions for the year they usually have Hall for about .275/55/18/65 and Varitek for .255/70/18/65. ( Average/Runs/HR/RBI ). Why draft Hall 3-4 rounds earlier when you are only getting .020 increase on your average and less runs? Am I missing something?

03-21-2003, 07:10 PM
well, if you're willing to take a risk on catching, pick up Miguel Olivo (CWS). he's expected to hit in the 270s/280s, 10+ HRs, but 20-30 SBs. though he is the starter, they're not sure if he's going to platoon with Alomar Jr or not.

03-21-2003, 07:36 PM
Stay away from Toby Hall. I really don't see him panning out, as anything but an extremely mediocre offensive catcher.

Larkin Fan
03-22-2003, 01:09 AM
Originally posted by Redsfaithful
Stay away from Toby Hall. I really don't see him panning out, as anything but an extremely mediocre offensive catcher.

I agree with that assessment. I'd stick with Varitek.

Red Leader
03-24-2003, 10:14 AM
O.K. New information.

One of the guys in our league really needs starting pitching help. He was offered Rafael Palmeiro to me for Jason Schmidt. Should I do this trade?

That leaves my starters as Unit, Prior, Vazquez, Ramon Ortiz, Lilly and Benson.

Best starters in F.A are: Brandon Duckworth (inj), Kenny Rogers, Cory Lidle, Brett Tomko, Joe Mays, Shane Reynolds, Brett Myers, John Patterson, Horacio Ramirez, and Mickey Callaway.

Of those, Rogers, Myers, and Patterson are most intriguing to me, but don't know if they would come anywhere close to what Schmidt will give me. Not sure what I should do.

Ideally, I'd like to possibly make a Schmidt / Alfonzo for Palmeiro and Torii Hunter deal, but not sure if he'd go for that. He needs a third baseman, his starter at 3B is Tony Batista, so it might work...just not sure if that is a good move for me. If I did make this trade or the Schmidt for Palmeiro trade straight up...I'd probably drop Carlos Lee for another pitcher....or should I keep two hitters on the bench and no pitchers on the bench? I don't know why I'm having problems with this..I'm usually good at making trades and roster decisions, but I need help here. Please give me your advice.

03-24-2003, 11:01 AM
No, not Schmidt because his strikeout potential is huge, try to get him to take Vazquez,Ortiz, Benson, or Lilly . Also regarding starters available, I would look at Mays. His numbers from 2001 are closer to what he will do this year.

Red Leader
03-24-2003, 11:16 AM
Originally posted by Redny
No, not Schmidt because his strikeout potential is huge, try to get him to take Vazquez,Ortiz, Benson, or Lilly . Also regarding starters available, I would look at Mays. His numbers from 2001 are closer to what he will do this year.

After looking at at both of their stats, that was the same thing I was thinking. I was also going to attempt to trade Vazquez for Tim Hudson after this deal, but I'll probably back off that one. I like Schmidt a lot this year. I think he'll thrive in the #1 spot for SF. Heard this morning that Vazquez is injured (groin) so that may hurt my chances of trading him...also heard that BOS was interested in trading for him (offering Hillenbrand and Fossum), and a move to the AL would definately improve Vazquez's win total, but because of his high BAA, he might struggle over in the AL. I'll try Vazquez and see what happens. The other owner has Giambi, Thome, and Palmeiro and even though he can use them as utility players, he is looking to move one to upgrade pitching, so maybe it'll work. Nonetheless, it helps having The Unit and Prior, I expect those two will dominate in K's, having Schmidt only further adds my expected lead there.

I'll get back on the development after I talk to the owner about it. Thanks for your advice RedNY, you were thinking the same thing I was. If I make this trade I can move Klesko to OF, so should I waive Carlos Lee for Rogers, Myers, Lidle, Mays, Patterson, or one I forgot to mention, Darren Dreifort. If healthy, I gotta believe Dreifort will be good. He's had a fine spring so far.

Sabo Fan
03-24-2003, 12:44 PM
I'd see if an offer of Lee, Alfonzo, Varitek and Vasquez would get you another starter (Odalis Perez?), a backup OF, and an upgrade at catcher. I would think that might pique a few owners interest, I know it would mine. Then, if you can pull off a 3-for-4 deal, pick up Phelps. The thinking here being that he projects out to a 30+ homer and 110+ RBI guy from his numbers last year. There's also an outside chance that he may at some point be eligible at catcher, which would be a huge advantage.

If you can't find a deal that works for you, try offering around Foulke and Guardado. You don't have to trade both, but see what one of them and Alfonzo will get you. My philosophy on saves is that if you can get a decent closer in the later rounds of the draft, do it, but don't draft one before the 10th round. I feel that there are always closers who no one expected to close that will pop up throughout the season. Last year I didn't draft one closer on any of my teams, and I finished first in two and second in the other. I picked up Mike DeJean, Scott Stewart and Jorge Julio in each league and did fine on saves. I always keep my eyes open for guys like that.

Red Leader
03-24-2003, 01:16 PM
Would you consider Kendall an upgrade at catcher?

I could probably do a Varitek, C.Lee, and Vazquez for Kendall, and Hudson and keep Alfonzo. Then I could pick up Phelps with that extra spot.

Would that be a better move than trading Vazquez for Palmeiro straight up, though? Getting Palmeiro is a good move IMO, #1 because he is very solid, #2 because he allows me to move Klesko to the OF with Giles and S.Green. That's a pretty good OF.

When I look around at everyone else's rosters, there's no way that I could get Piazza (1st round pick), or I-Rod (2nd round, the guy loves him).

Posada could possibly be had, his backup OF's are Jacque Jones and Jermaine Dye, his 3B are Hinske and Beltre, and his SP's are: Schilling, Mulder, Colon, F.Garcia, Pettitte, Sele and Hampton. I don't know if he'd do a Varitek, Vazquez, Lee and Alfonzo for Posada, Jones/Dye, and one of those pitchers, though.

The only other catcher I see as an upgrade is LoDuca. I could try a Varitek, Vazquez, Lee and Alfonzo for LoDuca, R. Winn, and Wade Miller. Does that help me in your opinion. If I do that, I improve in runs scored, SB's, but I'm getting a lot weaker in HR's and RBI. Miller is an upgrade (I think) over Vazquez, but that isn't where my weakness is IMO.

03-24-2003, 01:25 PM
I like the Schmidt for Palmerio deal, but if you can get Vazquez for Palmerio to go, that is even better.

I would work on the other deals separately. Schmidt or Vazquez for Palmerio is a great deal for you in my opinion.

Red Leader
03-24-2003, 01:46 PM
Here's a team that might matchup well with me:

C: Benito Santiago
1B: Todd Helton
2B: Eric Young
SS: Jose Hernandez
3B: David Bell
OF: Vlad Guerrero
OF: Bobby Abreu
OF: Ichiro Suzuki
UTIL: Larry Walker
UTIL: Cliff Floyd
UTIL: Ellis Burks
Bench: Phil Nevin (ouch)
Bench: Reggie Sanders

SP: Greg Maddux
SP: Tom Glavine
SP: Randy Wolf
SP: Al Leiter
SP: Woody Williams
P: Elmer Dessens

I could trade Varitek, Vazquez, Lee, and Alfonzo and get Santiago, Wolf and ? in the OF. He's got so much depth there I might be able to get Walker or Ichiro, but definately Cliff Floyd.

Would you do Varitek, Schmidt, Lee and Alfonzo for Santiago, Wolf and Abreu? I think I would. If I could get Palmeiro for Vazquez, and then turn around and do this deal, I might be on to something. That would leave my roster at:

C: Santiago
1B: Palmeiro
2B: Durham
3B: A. Ramirez
SS: Garciaparra
OF: Giles
OF: S. Green
OF: Abreu
UTIL: F. Thomas
UTIL: Klesko
UTIL: Huff
Bench: Cruz

SP: R. Johnson
SP: M. Prior
SP: R. Wolf
SP: R. Ortiz
SP: Lilly
RP: Guardado
RP: Foulke
P: Benson
P: Jimenez
Bench: open (K. Rogers, Mays, Dreifort, J. Patterson, Lidle)

Offense is definately improved, but is the pitching as good, or good enough?

Red Leader
03-24-2003, 02:05 PM
I decided to keep pitchers out of the 2nd deal, and made an offer of Alfonzo and Varitek for Santiago and L. Walker...let's see how easliy he'll give up his pitching depth and how desperate he is for a third baseman.....

Sticking to first deal of Vazquez for Palmeiro. Was told that he would get back to me later.

Red Leader
03-25-2003, 02:34 PM
How about a Vazquez / Jimenez for Mussina trade, would that help this team. Gives me a rotation of R. Johnson, Prior, Schmidt, Mussina and Ramon Ortiz + Lilly and Benson.