View Full Version : Interesting article on fastball only pitchers

Redeye fly
07-20-2011, 10:54 PM
Now when I say fastball only pitchers I guess I should say the article stipulates guys who have thrown the fastball about 80% of the time or more this season, and as much as 86% of the time in certain games (minimum of 80 pitches). I think it's very interesting because we've talked about and debated the future of Chapman and whether he's going to be or can be a starting pitcher. I've always felt he should develop a decent change if he wants to start, although he's got an explosive fastball and a disappearing slider and perhaps could survive if not thrive with just those two pitches. But here it mentions how often Bartolo Colon, Justin Masterson, and Charlie Morton throw their fastballs. All three have had success, although I'm just amazed by Colon's success and rebirth and Morton has been lights out against the Reds and a little more average against the league. Masterson, he's always been highly regarded. But it's interesting nonetheless.