View Full Version : WEHT the Yankees' Kei Igawa? Hints: Neither out of baseball nor back in Japan.

07-23-2011, 10:41 PM

The five-year saga is a story of a giant mistake of a contract and an overmatched pitcher, a huge organization digging in and a quiet, somewhat mysterious Japanese pitcher with a sense of honor and a durable love of the game. The Yankees made it pretty clear Igawa would never pitch again in the Bronx, but they were determined that he pitch somewhere for his $4-million-a-year salary. They tried to return him to Japan, too. Igawa refused to go, standing fast to his childhood dream of pitching in the American big leagues.

And so, the stalemate remarkable, if almost entirely un-remarked upon continues.

The Yankees let him gobble up innings before small crowds in distant outposts as a cavalcade of younger prospects push past him on their way to Yankee Stadium. Igawa never complains, and in a tribute to either willpower or lower level longevity, he has set farm system pitching records. And with just a few months left on his contract, he still dreams of the major leagues, if no longer as a Yankee.

Tom Servo
07-23-2011, 11:44 PM
I was just thinking about him lately, I remember Yankees fans at the time claiming he was better than Dice-K. Good read.