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07-24-2011, 12:06 PM
Reds go 5-5, like last time are four games out, two under .500 (49-51), fourth place, now plus 35 RS/RA after 11-2 victory over Braves, 26-23 at home, 23-28 on the road. Fisher sent down, Willis up, Hurst up while Arredondo on DL, now Arredondo back and Hurst down. Rolen on DL and Frazier up.

Offense - Hitting stats still above league average, but continue to decline. Team OPS now .730, fifth place, down from .737 and .734 in last two reports.
SLG declines to fifth in league, .402. OBP has gone from .334 to .330 now to .328. BA from .262 to .260 to current .258, fifth place. Reds second in runs to Cards, fifth in base hits in NL.

Against right handed pitching, Reds with .709 OPS, above league average but ninth in NL. (Cards lead league vs. righties with .758.) Reds are 6th in OBP against righties at .322, Reds are 9th in slugging at .388, and 10th in BA against righties in NL at .251.

Against left handed pitching, Reds lead the league in most percentage categories with .816 OPS, Cards are second with .755. Reds have a .286 BA against lefties with Astros second at .268.

Reds wOBA against righties is ninth in the league at .313. Reds wRC+ against righties is 93, 8th in the NL. Reds lead NL in both categories v. lefty pitching.

Some OPS numbers for individuals - Votto at .917 down from .945 last time. Ramon H at .866. Bruce at .847. Zach Cozart, now injured, at .811. Cleanup hitters - Phillips at .744. Rolen at .676.

Reds need for more hitting vs. righties shown by some OPS numbers. Votto much better against lefty pitching this year - only .877 OPS against righties (compared with 1.023 vs. lefties). Phillips .747 OPS against righties (surprisingly, .731 vs. lefties). Stubbs .686 v. righties. Rolen .648 against righties. Highest OPS against righties among regular players is Hernandez at .890.

Againt lefties Votto, Gomes, Stubbs all over .900 OPS. Renteria, Hanigan, Bruce all above .875 against lefties.

Pitching - Pitching has improved in last stretch. Team ERA went from 4.18 to 4.06, 12th in league (3.82 league average). Starting pitching ERA went from 4.67 to 4.51, still 14th in league. Relief pitching went from 3.27 to 3.20, despite key blown save vs. Brewers by Coco before ASB.

With Volquez and Wood down, only starter ERA above 5 is Arroyo now 7-8 with 5.56 at 121 innings. Leake is 8-5 with 4.11 at 100 innings. Cueto 6-3, 1.98 ERA with 95 innings. Bailey 5-4 with 3.67 at 61 innings. Willis currently fifth starter 0-1 with 3.38 at 10.2 innings.

Reds FIP second worst in the NL with 4.29, slightly improved. xFIP is 4.00, better than Cubs and Bucs.

Fielding - Reds now with 53 errors after a high-error stretch (last time was only 44). Team UZR still best in the NL with 31.1.