View Full Version : Dragons' Torreyes, Hamilton sparking hot-hitting offense

07-26-2011, 05:35 PM
From the DDN:

The team is leading the Midwest League in batting with a .258 average for the season, a turn for the better since the arrival of Torreyes. Since joining Dayton on June 17, Torreyes is batting .406 and leads the league in hits in the second half of the season.

Hamilton has been just as hot. Hes scored in his last eight games and is batting .361 over his last 20 prior to Monday. The speedy Hamilton found his bat after struggling earlier in the year, now he and Torreyes are first and second in the league in runs in the second half.


07-26-2011, 05:39 PM
Hamilton hasn't been just as hot. Hamilton, though a solid average in the 2nd half, has an OPS of .713 in the second half because three extra base hits in 124 AB's. Torreyes has a .976 OPS in the second half. With that said, Hamilton has 16 walks and 19 strikeouts in the second half. That is a very good sign.

07-26-2011, 05:54 PM
I'm jealous of those who get to watch Dayton play. That team has to be a ton of fun to watch in person. Billy Hamilton, Ronald Torreyes, Yorman Rodriguez, Juan Duran, and David Vidal all seem like very good prospects on the offense side.

Hamilton, just 20 years old and extremely raw, is hitting .290/.366/.347 - .713 OPS in the second half while having stolen an amazing 74 bases in 87 attempts. His plate discipline has really come around lately. He's progressing nicely.

Torreyes, only 18 years old, is hitting .406/.444/.534 - .978 OPS with 7 BB/8 K in 133 atbats and is apparently a plus defender.

Yorman Rodriguez, also only 18 (turns 19 next month), got off to a slow start like Hamilton but he's really turned things around as of late before he got injured. IIRC, Yorman began the season as the youngest player in the Midwest League, and despite being very raw, he's hitting .323/.348/.516 - .864 OPS in the second half, and has a respectable .721 OPS on the season.

Juan Duran was my breakout pick back in spring training and so far he's backed that up nicely. As a 19-year old in the MWL, he's hitting .253/.335/.452 - .787 OPS. He needs to cut down on the K's but he's still very young and has plenty of time to do that.

David Vidal is probably the least talked about of those guys but he's only 21 and has an .836 OPS and is supposedly a solid defensive 3B.

That's an impressive group of prospects, and that doesn't even include Daniel Corcino, who I think is the best pitching prospect in the Reds organization.