View Full Version : Will the Reds be better by selling?

07-29-2011, 05:47 PM
Put me in the camp that thinks the Reds will be essentially the same type of team with Hernandez and Cordero dealt. A talented up and down team looking for consistency.

Ramon Hernandez- the guy has been a great addition (made me eat crow anyhow) but I definitely don't see him sustaining that 850 OPS into future seasons. He will be sought after in the off-season and the Reds have two plus prospects at the position right now. The time is now to bring up Mesoraco and get him acclimated.

Francisco Cordero- Solid but often more interesting than necessary. Is it wise to invest so much money in a closer when your rotation and lineup could use a piece to solidify it?

The Reds need to move on from these guys now while they can get a return. There will probably be a readjustment period following there departure but I still see this team as similar in that they should be winning at least half there games, but they still aren't ready to contend for a WS.