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08-06-2011, 03:12 AM
On the bright side, since the Reds' season is lost, if the season ended today, the Reds would be tied for the 12th pick in next year's draft. Obviously, a lot of games left still, but I think it's fair to assume the Reds could end up having a mid 1st round pick next year.

Az. Reds Fan
08-09-2011, 02:19 AM
Here's good site to track our dismal season leading to a good draft pick


08-09-2011, 03:34 AM
Awesome find.

Outside of the Astros and the Orioles, there isn't all that much that separates the remaining teams.

09-01-2011, 07:02 PM
Reds have slipped to the 15th pick as of now...but there's still a month to go and they are close to a lot of other teams.