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08-07-2011, 10:23 PM
So, I was thinking the other day that since I've been an adult, I really don't have any hobbies. I used to collect comics, baseball cards etc. And getting back into those would seem kind of...childish and not all that fulfilling.

So I've decided that I want to start collecting Reds autographs. Starting with the Big Red Machine...those guys aren't getting any younger.

Any tips from you vetren collectors and autograph hounds? What places online are reputable? Does a certificate of authenticity mean anything at all?

08-08-2011, 09:21 AM
I have had the same conversation with myself. I want to start collecting Reds autographs also. Now, I have collected NASCAR / Indycar Autographs for a few years now. The only thing that COA does is help you resale (IMO). I have tried to sale a few NASCAR items with auto's on them and you can't get any money out of them unless you have COA. Now that being said...I went to a Pete Rose autograph session a few weeks ago and got a baseball signed. I did not get the COA ($25 extra) because the ball will never leave my hands. SO if you are collecting for yourself....COA's don't matter. I know Pete signed my ball.

Now I would be interested in some tips on where / how to get more autographs. Is there a site anywhere for former and current reds players doing autograph signings?

08-08-2011, 09:49 AM
I have collected autos, cards, and memorablia since I was a kid. I quit during end of high school through college, but was at same point after graduating of needing a hobby and am now somewhat obsessed. I collect through mail a lot-writing through spring training and stadium. I used to write to home but havent done that for some time. I also go to a lot of minor league games and try to get them before they get too big/popular. Not sure what I can share to help get Reds in person other than games. BPhil is one of hte best about signing.
As for COA, the guy above pretty much hit it. A COA is important for resale if you want to get money out of it-I collect for my own enjoyement and collection only so I dont worry as much about that. But, I do take it into consideration when buying an item I dont know the history behind. A lot of people-esp on Ebay-will make their own "COA" but those are worthless overall-only reputable company COAs really matter in resale. Do some research of your sig too-the seller as well as comparing the sig to other sigs (look on Ebay, etc to see exaomples of their sig). A lot will come on instinct-if too good deal probably is , etc-trust those instincts, if not sure, dont buy it. But also beware that some guys sigs can change up a lot-I have @ 10 Phil Ford autos and none of them look exactly alike, even though I got most in person.
Best of luck. I am working on putting all my autos in a database to inventory-over 400 entered so far and still a long ways to go (been collecting since '82)

08-09-2011, 10:19 AM
I like to collect Reds memorabilia including autographs. In my opinion (everybody has one) the only way to collect autographs is to get it in person. I think it means more when you get to meet the person signing even if its for a moment. There are several places online that you can find listing shows and appearances. Redsfest is in Dec. every year and is a grat place to get autographs and they are free. Just a few thoughts.