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Roush's socks
08-13-2011, 04:49 PM
There is a long discussion on the ORG about whether Jose Bautista is on steroids or HGH. I think a lot of you are forgetting that amphetamines have been the drug of choice in baseball since the 60's. In fact, the recent trend of pitchers dominating hitting could be due to drug testing for amphetamines more than steroids. As a hitter, having quick reactions is of the utmost importance, maybe more than pitching.

I think most pro athletes in all sports use various PED's, some legal, some illegal, and some unknown to most people. Just from looking at Bautista you can tell he is not juicing like Bonds and others of his generation were in the late 90's/early2000's. Those guys all looked "puffed up" and Bautista doesn't look that way. Whether or not he has another trick in the nad is anyone's guess.

Also, I don't understand why some posters continue to throw out the argument that he is clean because he has never tested postive. Neither did a lot of guys who it turned out were using all along. Pro athletes use many techniques, including blood transfusions, to pass tests. Just ask Lance Armstrong.

08-13-2011, 05:21 PM
paul janish is probably doing some kind of PED.
Most athletes probably use PEDs.
Why does this only get brought up with baseball.
Why does the thread have to only be about Bautista, Bonds, Mcgwire Clemens.
Why do so many people care when baseball does nothing to police it.
Why are guys gonna miss the HOF b/c of baseball's ignorance to not have testing in place for steroids.