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08-19-2011, 08:03 AM

Ron Roenicke (55)- Finished up his career with the 1988 Reds, going an unfortunate 5 for 37 at the plate.

Estel Crabtree- From Crabtree, Ohio; served two stints as a Reds outfielder: 1931-32, and again during the war when able bodies were hard to find.


J.J. Hardy (29)

Chris Capuano (33)

Ron Darling (51)- Involved in an extremely one-sided trade when the Mets got him and Walt Terrell from Texas for Lee Mazzilli.

Gary Gaetti (53)- Had a 20-year big league career. I like to look at guys with long careers and see who they were teammates with at the beginning and end of their career. Gaetti was a teammate of both Jerry Koosman and Kyle Farnsworth.

Ned Yost (57)

Bobby Richardson (76)- Yankee second basemen during their glory years in the 1960s. Still holds records of six RBIs in a World Series game and 11 RBIs in a World Series. Later a coach at South Carolina and an unsuccessful candidate for Congress. Deeply religious, he spoke at the funerals of both Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. His SABR bio calls him the second greatest Yankee 2B after Lazzeri. I don't know about that; I'd take Del Pratt and Joe Gordon over him, plus of course Cano is still building his legend. But he was a good one.

Bob Borkowski
08-19-2012, 08:16 AM
Ned Yost (57)

...and he is NOT the son of the 1950s infielder Eddie Yost. I used to think so.