View Full Version : Reds stats through 140 games

09-05-2011, 09:54 AM
Reds are 69-71, after team's fifth consecutive 5-5 stretch. Reds are 14.5 behind Brewers, 5 behind Cards, 5 ahead of Pirates, firmly in third place in the division. Reds now also third in Central in RS/RA with plus 36. Reds 37-34 at home, 32-37 on road. As September 1 just passed, Reds brought up a number of AAA players including Mesoraco, Francisco, and Volquez. Heisey back from DL.

Offense - Team OPS now fourth in NL at .738, slightly lower than last time. SLG constant at .410. OBP slightly down at .328. BA slightly up at .259, sixth in NL. Reds wOBA at .323, tied for 4th-5th in NL. wRC+ is 99, fourth in NL.

Against RHP Reds are 8th in NL with .719 OPS. Against LHP Reds are first in NL with .809 OPS.

Reds with four players with over 500 official at bats. Votto, .318 BA and .971 OPS, minor slump for him. Bruce .261 BA, .829 OPS. Phillips, thriving in lead off spot, .301 BA, .785 OPS. Stubbs .251 BA, .704 OPS. With 300 or more official at bats is Janish with .207 BA, .508 OPS. Votto and Bruce both with 88 RBI. Phillips with 74 RBI. Votto and Stubbs with, respectively, 90 and 87 runs scored.

Of new guys Alonso and Francisco contributing from left side. Alonso at .380 BA and 1.156 OPS in 50 official at bats. Francisco just up, with 5 RBI game and four hit game in two outings against Cards.

Pitching - Team ERA slipped to 4.12, twelfth in NL. Starters slipped to 4.39. Bullpen steady at 3.58. FIP is next to worst in NL at 4.32. xFIP is third worst in NL at 4.08.

Arroyo now at even 5.00 ERA. Bailey with 4.57, not getting better. Chapman now at 3.89 ERA, has slipped a bit lately. Willis 0-4, ERA now 4.10.

Cordero - saved 30-35 attempts. 2.37 ERA. .194 BA against. .97 WHIP.
60.2 innings. 37 Ks, 17 walks.

Fielding - Reds with 79 errors tied for 4th-5th best in NL. Reds with best DER in the NL according to MLB.com. Reds with second best UZR in NL.