View Full Version : Hypothetical GM situation: pick 5 minor leaguers to keep

Billy Hamilton's Legs
09-17-2011, 03:08 PM
Consider this situation: You are Walt Jocketty and you decide that you need to make some moves to bring in some big pieces like a TOR. You have to pick 5 players that you DON'T include in any trades/trade offers. This isn't meant to be a "pick your top 5 Reds prospects thread" as you're supposed to consider players that you think bring back the best value in a trade. For example, I would NOT put Grandal on this list because I think he holds more value to the organization in a trade than he does as the future C. For me, I have Corcino, Stephenson, Boxberger, Hamilton, and Gregorious. I would make anyone else available in this situation. What's your list?

09-17-2011, 04:06 PM
I might replace one of your guys with Soto, in case we trade Alonso in the offseason, and lose Votto in two years. Otherwise, your 5 makes since to me.

09-17-2011, 07:20 PM
Well, since Mez, Alonso, and Francisco are with the major league club, I won't include them. This pretty much involves lower level minor leaguers, such as double or single A.

Hamilton is not on my list. I love his speed, but I will bet money he never hits well enough to make it to the majors. I'd trade him at his highest value.

Neftali Soto reminds a bit of Juan Francisco, hitting-wise. Power is developing with his age. Don't really want to trade him yet. Let's see what becomes of him. He should be in triple A next season, I hope.

Corcino is definitely on my list of protecteds, to go with Soto. Stephenson too, until we see how he fares. I kind of expect Boxberger to be in the Reds bullpen next season, barring injury. There are a couple of guys developing power at Dayton that I'd probably keep.