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09-29-2011, 10:07 PM
After the amazing 2010 season and winning the NL Central To reverting back to old habits and becoming a sub .500 ballclub will have the 2012 Reds poised to get back to winning baseball. Here is a look at what the team will look like:

Devin Mesoraco
Ryan Hanigan

Joey Votto
Brandon Phillips * (2012 option)
Zack Cozart
Scott Rolen
Todd Frazier
Juan Francisco
Paul Janish

Jay Bruce
Drew Stubbs
Yonder Alonso
Chris Heisey

Johnny Cueto
Mike Leake
Homer Bailey
Bronson Arroyo
Aroldis Chapman/Edison Volquez/Travis Wood

Sam LeCure
Bill Bray
Logan Ondrusek
Jose Arredondo
Carlos Fisher/Jared Burton/Brad Boxberger/Nick Masset
Francisco Cordero * (2012 option)

In my opinion this team is attempting to maintain its 3rd place stance and battle the 162 season for 81 wins. Now going with the rumblings that the Reds are in the hunt for a Top of the Rotation guy and a Power Bat for LF while keeping in mind this team isn't the Red Sox or Yankees when it comes to cash. This team would likely overpay for guys on the Free Agent market and may not find a suitor for the type of player on another team. Lets keep in mind the Reds do have key prospects who could tempt any GM pallet. Here is a list of potential prospect the Reds could dangle:

Naftali Soto - Kid (Only 23) batted .278 w/ 31 HRs 80 RBIs & OPS'd .909

Daniel Corcino - Started off super hot but cooled as the season ended yet still posted a 11-7 record w/ 156 Ks 34 BB in 139.1 innings

Brad Boxberger - Closer material with a good opponent BA & K/BB rate.. Could be bait or could be 2013's Reds Closer

Yasmani Grandal - .301 hitter through 3 stages of the minors w/ 14 HRs & OPS of .901 He is still a year to 2 years away and needs to cut down on his strikeouts as he K'd 97 times out of 374 ABs

Then the obvious players who are blocked by big league talent: Yonder Alonso, Juan Francisco, Todd Frazier, Dave Sappelt, Chris Heisey, Chris Valaika, Travis Wood, and Edison Volquez

Key Losses:
Ramon Hernandez
Edgar Renteria

Now with the obvious out of the way. How does the organization improve without breaking the bank? Well lets focus in on areas of concern. That being LF & Backup SS. We can look at the Free Agent market and names like these fit the "Moneyball" moto and should be in the ballclubs range:

Conor Jackson
Josh Willingham

Jamey Caroll

I'd look at one SP and that is CJ Wilson and he is going to cost around 15 Million a year. Now if this team is going to look at the likes of Cliff Lee, James Shields, & Ubaldo Jimenez.. This team will have funds for CJ Wilson.

Ways to free up cash:

Cordero ($1 Million buyout) - Brad Boxberger (League Min.)
-Savings of $10.5 Million

Phillips ($1 Million buyout) - Kelly Johnson ($2-4 Million)/Todd Frazier (League Min.)
-Savings of $6.5 Million

Trade Bronson Arroyo & $6 Million ($3 Million in '12 & $3 Million in '13) to Red Sox for Rich Hill (Tommy John Surgery in June)
-Savings of $7 Million (Guessing based on arbitration for Hill)

That is a total of $24 Million for this season and could be used to sign everyone listed.

Is that a possibility? I doubt it based on reports the Reds will pick up Phillips option and are working on a 2 year deal with CoCo. As for the Arroyo deal.. you never know but the chance of him being moved would be if the Cincinnati Reds relocated.

I would try to bring in Carroll and Willingham as I can see them helping this club as well as provide leadership in the clubhouse. Willingham is huge in the community as well. Carroll would provide a decent backup at SS and he knows how to get on base.

Make room for Carroll I'd designate Janish. I'd likely move Heisey to make room for Willingham.

I also revisit the Joey Votto / Jose Bautista trade aswell as that places Alonso back at 1st base.

:beerme: Here is to what should be a memorable offseason!

Will M
09-30-2011, 04:07 AM
the team needs an infusion of talent onto the 25 man roster. bringing back the team as is won't do it. with your 25 man roster as the starting point the team has the following extra parts to deal...
Todd Frazier or Juan Francisco
Dave Sappelt
Stubbs or Heisey
Alonso only if we get a big bat for left field

Thats not a lot to work with considering what we need. The team is going to have to be creative and cough up some cash. I personally like an Alonso & Grandal for Shields deal. Then backfill the left field spot by adding payroll. Maybe Willingham, Cuddyer or Beltran (all free agents). Or Quentin if we can obtain him with what we have left. I'd go get Pagan who seems to be on the outs in NY (i have read more than one rumor that he will be non tendered). Pagan's hits righties much better than the guys we have. A job share in CF with Stubbs or Heisey would be better than what we had in 2011. I wouldn't bring back Cordero but would try to get a couple of cheap but solid arms & start the year with bullpen depth and see who emerges. Maybe end up with something like...

Devin Mesoraco
Ryan Hanigan

Joey Votto L
Brandon Phillips
Zack Cozart
Scott Rolen
Miguel Cairo ( or Todd Frazier if he isn't dealt)
Juan Francisco L
Paul Janish

Jay Bruce L
Angel Pagan S (but hits better as a L than a R)
Chris Heisey
Quentin, Willingham, Cuddyer, Beltran, etc

James Shields
Johnny Cueto
Mike Leake
Homer Bailey
Aroldis Chapman L
Bronson Arroyo

Rafael Betancourt (probable new closer)
Jason Frasor (cheap vet)
Darren Oliver L (cheap vet)
Sam LeCure
Bill Bray L
Logan Ondrusek
Jose Arredondo

That involves:
one trade (Shields)
one expensive free agent (left fielder)
several cheaper free agents: Pagan (if he is non tendered) & the relievers

Its possible the Reds could pick up a left handed center fielder and/or relievers by dealing Volquez, Wood, Frazier, etc in which case they don't have to go out on the open market and get them.

this team would be an improvement over 2011. its not a great team buts it looks solid.