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10-01-2011, 10:24 AM

Jeremy Horst (26) He's seldom mentioned on this board, but I'm kind of impressed by him.

Chuck McElroy (44) Posted a 2.34 ERA in 1994; the wheels fell off the next year.

Roberto Kelly (47) Was the Kelly-ONeill trade really that bad? Kelly hit well for us, and Yankee Stadium padded O'Neill's stats. Plus O'Neill was such a crybaby when he was here; I never thought he'd mature the way he did.

Jeff Reardon (56)


Matt Cain (26) Despite a career 3.35 ERA, he still has a losing record in the majors. If the Giants want to give him to us, though, I'll take him...

Mark McGwire (48) I have a feeling that eventually he'll get into the HOF.

Rod Carew (66) I wish I'd gotten to see him play more; back in the day there was just one national game on TV every week, and it was seldom the Twins.

Bob Boyd - "The Rope"-One of the last of the great Negro League stars; he didn't get a shot in the majors till he was 31, but he still hit .297 career.

Jimmie Reese - A great baseball life. Began at age 12 as a bat boy for the Los Angeles Stars of the Pacific Coast League, and was in baseball pretty much constantly until his death at age 92. Remembered as Babe Ruth's roommate, and for his incredible control with a fungo bat; supposedly he could pitch batting practice by hitting fungos from the mound. For extra credit: What do Rod Carew and Jimmie Reese have in common besides a birthday?

George Anderson
10-01-2011, 01:24 PM
Jeff Reardon (56)


Reardon was a top notch, very underrated reliever in his time.

His life hasn't been real pretty post retirement.


10-01-2012, 05:25 AM
I'll add that Bob Boyd was the first .300 hitter for the modern Orioles.